We create a product or a service with the intention of satisfying the needs of people in a society. We try to find and analyze their tastes and preferences to launch a product that is really worth it, and that customers want to choose for its quality and production. Before creating a product, the first thing we do is set ourselves clear objectives, that identify us as a brand, as an image, goals that we know that in the short or long term we can meet if we set ourselves to do so.

We are looking for something that really makes sense and can help people and that is the case of online courses, something extremely innovative, dynamic, flexible, accessible, that breaks down digital barriers, with the limitations of time and space. Nowadays online training generates a lot of demand and we can see that there are many of them on the internet and this is something positive, because it means that we continue to advance, that training spaces continue to grow on the web, offering tools and essential resources for people's daily activities.

Every day more teachers are encouraged to enter this new digital model but for them sales are also very important and they know what to do when selling and how to generate expectations in customers.

In this article we want to show what we have to take into account when selling courses and achieving our economic goals beyond the expectations of people, our future clients.

When we create a course to launch it into the digital educational market, we know that we must not only satisfy the needs of social subjects but also be able to obtain expectations from them, that is, that the service that I am offering can solve their problems, if they have them or power cover a necessity. It is what every client looks for when buying an info-product and both their satisfaction and loyalty are the basis for our training to remain standing. Clients seek to improve their knowledge, their abilities, their behaviors, through courses, to be better in the tasks they perform in their respective jobs.

We must be clear that by generating expectations in clients we are assuming a very important role in their lives and that implies a lot of responsibility. What you are offering, clearly has to be real, so that in this way we achieve that our course is being sold beyond the expectations of the clients. Let's keep in mind that as a digital teacher, promotion and experience are very helpful when it comes to sales because people are connected to the internet most of the time and can comment on your info-product. Generating more customers than you expected and this happens because those buyers felt satisfied and express their gratitude to you in this way.

It is a very effective marketing strategy but you have to know how to use and present it to the audience, always giving a good image and exceeding the expectations of those who follow you.

How do we create an online course so that it can be sold successfully? We create a course in to attract future potential customers so they can buy our product beyond their expectations. Today there is a bunch of media we can use to create courses that have to do with business, with communications, with the digital market, with advertising, with marketing, etc. We have to think about what our goal will be, create a course that can meet what the client is looking for and in this way exploit their potential and improve sale strategies even more.

Creating online course that sells beyond the expectations of our clients requires that we carry out stable production, promotion and positive dissemination through the media, a successful sale process and not fall into false promises because we will run the risk that people end up not even wanting to look at what we want to offer them. It's about being a strategist and meeting our goals.

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