New year, new resolutions? So get back to activities! After seeing how to get back to sport without getting hurt, we will see how to recover after a session in 3 points. Just to continue on a good start !

1/ Drink a lot of water

So it is ! Although we must initially drink 1.5L of water a day, during an intensive physical activity it is necessary to hydrate the body. Why ? First, to compensate for sweating, and therefore the dehydration of the body. Then, this dehydration increases the blood, which takes longer to circulate in the dilated vessels. It is necessary to compensate for this by an increase of the blood volume thanks to the water. Finally, to help the kidneys eliminate toxins more easily, instead of storing them.

Source – Mindset Santé

2/ Stretch properly…

… and for a long time! Two minutes of sloppy stretching are not enough. On the contrary, you will think you have helped your body, and be disgusted the next day at the onset of aches. Yes, you will certainly have some, especially at the beginning. But you can limit them. With the absorption of water, you have to stretch at least 5 minutes per worked parts. There are tutorials on the internet, or PDF to help you. To recover well after your session, do not leave this point aside !

Source – ascs art martiaux

3/ Cover yourself, take a hot shower and eat

Avoid eating, especially eating too much, before your session. But, you have to feed your body after an effort. So, of course, with a healthy meal (even if a fast food is nice sometimes) ! Do not think either that, as you are hot, you must discover yourself. Especially not ! Your body is getting colder, and being weakened because you’re tired, and you’ll get sick if you don’t cover you. So, on the contrary: take a good hot shower and cover yourself.

Source – Natura Force

I hope these tips will help you continue your fitness!

See you soon !