It is a new digital era and as we know we can find a huge amount of online courses, on the specialties that come to mind and that we are most passionate about. Technology has evolved to give us the possibility to continue learning, from wherever we are and respecting our pace. Is there anything better than that? And this, we can assure you, will continue to grow, because students want to continue studying and teachers want to continue creating courses for them. We can see many interesting and attractive courses, with different structures and duration, with new learning methodologies up to new languages.

This time we will talk about the importance of language, more precisely about how to teach English in this new era and more so if we use the digital modality. We will talk about the platforms that allow us to create activities and content for our students and improve the teaching techniques of this universal language. A language that has managed to enter the educational field to become a new tool that will allow us to enter a universe of opportunities. A language like English, which enables us to go much further and learn new cultures, new customs, and learn about another language rich in content.

Language is a system composed by oral communication (oral and graphic language) and/or gestural (sign language), typical of a human society. It's the linguistic code of certain race, nation or region that reflects its culture, its history, its customs. Among them, we have English, a language that we must all adopt as our second language.

We know that being able to teach online is something really positive and extraordinary because it allows us to transmit everything we know through educational platforms. However, creating an English course is a bit more complicated than we think. As a teacher, when we decide to teach online, we take the challenge of adapting our methods, techniques and content to technology, something that perhaps most educators are unaware of but must learn to use in order to improve teaching processes and provide an education implementing new tools and a new digital modality.

Some teachers believe that teaching English through new technologies is a bit complicated, because the students' Spanish base is too weak. What does this mean? That people who want to study English online cannot from the first moment, distinguish the subjects, the nouns, the predicate, the tenses and verb phrases, etc. Students tend to be brought into the mother tongue, but in some cases this becomes complicated. Teachers think that the more Spanish people know, the easier it is to acquire the other language. This is a problem that arises in the English areathat educators try to solve with new techniques and teaching methods.

What are the requirements to be able to teach English on the web? Four things are important, first, to master the language to perfection, when you have already been a teacher in other educational institutions, the teaching process on the Internet is much easier. Second to be able to have a personal computer and with it have a good connection for your classes. Third, to plan your activities through digital programs that can help you in the procedure and finally, create your own content using all your resources and materials.

Teachers who teach English online try to focus on repetitions, whether oral or written, as they believe that there is no other way to acquire knowledge. Many times memorization tends to be used a lot, such as studying what each word means, the structures, it is pronounced like that but is written in another way, etc. With digital platforms, it is about joining the content to something more modern, interactive, communicative, incorporating games, activities together and being able to bring all that context to reality so that people can understand the concepts better.

The teachers use texts, many of them created by themselves, to base themselves on the bibliographies they have, and in this way adapt it to the context because it is more meaningful, to be able to take the practice to the meaningful. They are methods that are being implemented in English courses, where there are also platforms such as zoom or meet, according to the needs of the teachers and their content. It is important to know that the classes last approximately 40 minutes where videos, games and activities are incorporated in Power point, among others. In many cases they also use google tools, such as the Jamboard digital board, where you can put words, images. It takes the characteristics of a traditional whiteboard as a reference, and adapts them to the cloud and digital environment. It was launched in 2016, Thanks to the cooperation of Google and BenQ. It stands out for its large 55 '' screen and has more accessories, such as the pencil and eraser, which make the set an intuitive element to enhance your team's creativity.

The important thing about creating a course in English is that all the educators in this area can do the same work, create the activities, attach everything they will need to give it to the students, be able to show the translated instructions, use the vocabularies and perform video created by themselves for pronunciation.

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