We all seek to be able to earn money in a simpler way that is within the reach of our needs so that we can obtain the financial freedom that we so desire. We want to stop depending on our bosses, we want to go much further, because we know that we have the ability to seek and achieve anything, to meet our goals and think about the options we have to get better income.

Today investing is one of the fastest ways to generate money, you simply have to know in what area you can do it, why, how and for whom. It may not require a lot of logic but we need to have the time and necessary knowledge to do it correctly. We have to think about what we can offer and find the means to carry it out.

Investment takes on an important role in people's lives, who use a part of their previous earnings to find an activity that can generate even much more. That is why we must be sure when we make our investment, so as not to comit mistakes along the way, avoid losses and take the challenge of being a good entrepreneur.

Currently the internet has given us the possibility of investing in different ways, which many of us are unaware of and which show us another part of the reality of business. That is why the idea of ​​this article is that you can know those ways and take the time to think about where you want to go, achieving your personal and financial goals, with a job that you can handle, that generates income and above all that you are passionate about.

But we are looking for a new path, we are interested in generating passive income to change our lifestyle and not depend on anyone but also and this depends on the lifestyle of each one and basically on economic situations, we think that investing money is not possible, that it is beyond our reach and we try to find solutions for this. Perhaps we do not have the capital to reach the investment or perhaps we do not want to take risks, there are many reasons why we try to find other options that generate security and confidence.

But for the peace of mind of many of us, on many occasions we do not need to invest our money, we simply need to find our starting point to start generating passive income. But do we really know what passive income is? Let's try to get up to speed with the definitions to understand a little better where we want to go.

When we speak of passive income, we are referring to that income which requires an effort to be able to earn and maintain that money. They are those passive income products, in which infoproducts or digital products are offered to obtain an income within a certain period of time.

As we have already mentioned above, the web is allowing us to generate this type of income in a much faster way, we simply need to have any technological device and have an adequate connection to start moving in the market and create sources of income from the place where we are.

We are going to what really matters and to what we constantly ask ourselves, in what way can I get that passive income? We'll show you some of the options that you can consider if you decide to invest a little of your time to learn.


This is one of the possibilities that people take advantage of the most. It is about creating a course to be able to teach any subject, to be able to transmit all our knowledge. On this occasion we offer topics in PDF or recorded either by means of a video or an audio, even writing a book. Find your audience so you can generate your own passive income.

You can sell it even on digital platforms such as Udemy or Tutellus, you can earn money by selling your own paid course.


Here you can use some platforms to expose some of your abilities or music skills, photography, art, etc.

For example, you can use some of these applications and discover the potential they can offer you: Themeforest, Shutterstock, Fotolia, Premium Beat, Audio Network or AudioJungle.


If you know how to handle yourself and write well, you can dedicate yourself to publishing your own book. There are many sites or publishers that offer to sell your publications and give you the tools to do so. But basically, their success depends on the theme you use, what types of readers it will be aimed at and their reviews, that is, their opinions about what they have read. The important thing is that you can do it correctly and get the income you want.


This is one of the most popular ways to generate passive income, something that has become fashionable in recent years and that has managed to have a huge impact on the audience. You simply have to create a channel on the YouTube social network and show your content through the publication of your videos. The more views you have, the better it will be for you to continue sharing your videos.


In this case, this form is intended to be able to show or recommend third-party products related to your topic on your website. Every time that third-party gets a sale through you, you receive an amount based on the price of the item sold.

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