In order to teach any language we have to be well prepared. It is not something we learn overnight, nor is it easy to launch as a digital teacher. Previously, we need to know the functioning of networks, digital media, their tools, the resources they offer us, the platforms on which we can create our classes, etc. We have to take into account many prior factors if we really want to teach a certain language online and be able to attract students.

We know that training today occupies one of the first places on the web, that digital courses have achieved more presence, more demand and more popularity in recent times. It does not matter where you are, because you can have the possibility to study what you want, the way you want to. Digital teachers are in charge of giving you the resources, materials, information and content so that you can learn what you are most passionate about. However, for those educators who want to teach languages, the thing is not as simple as it seems, because they must use another type of methodology, other techniques and methods so that students can acquire another language, other customs and traditions, another vocabulary and carry out activities for understanding and pronunciation.

In this article we are going to focus on how to teach the Spanish language, what we should keep in mind and what platforms we can use to create our courses and get the attention of students the right way.

As teachers, do we really know what language-based digital learning platforms are? If we intend to create courses on a particular language, we must start from the beginning in order to understand the computer network and the procedure to create our classes. These online sites fulfill their mediating role with our students, in order to teach a language by providing the necessary tools. We create a profile, plan and structure a course and start teaching all those students who wish to join. The idea is to generate new content for virtual teaching, betting on our knowledge and skills as language teachers and transmitting all this through digital platforms.

Surely we wonder what the advantages are, of being able to teach alanguage on the web. The teaching processes arecompletely new and traditional, where students carry out a process of communication and interaction with the professors and also with other students tto exchange ideas, thoughts. The most important thing in any online course is learning. The contents and the information play an important role in order to guarantee learning. In this case, teachers carry out a continuous analysis and monitoring of everything the student is learning and if he is doing it in the correct way. Learning development is constantly being assessed.

Now, we will describe some of the platforms that we can take into account for teaching the Spanish:

PREPLY: Here you can find courses of all kinds, from language courses to courses in other areas. The platform connects students and teachers from all over the world., in which you can offer Spanish classes online.

LINGODA: Is a platform where you can teach Spanish online. It's something like an online language school that is constantly looking for teachers of various languages. To teach at Lingoda, you must have a teaching degree or certification.

CLASSSGAP: On this platform you can earn more than € 1,500 per month teaching languages. In this case, you are the one who sets the prices and working hours. They manage the collection to the students and transfer it comfortably to your bank account.

ITALKI: Is exclusively dedicated to language teaching and learning. You can request the money once a month, before the 30th and the transfer will arrive to your account on the 10th of the following month. You can receive payments with Paypal or Payoneer.

VERBLING: It's an online platform to learn languages. The website offers the opportunity to join as a teacher and teach Spanish online.

ADOBE CONNECT:  This site gives you the opportunity to test the tool for free for 1 month. If you go to their website, you will see that there are several options, the one I bought is Adobe Connect for Meetings, which allows you to have up to 25 people in class. It is a software used with Microsoft PowerPoint to create general information and presentations, online teaching materials, web conferences, and learning modules.

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