We are in an age where everything has been digitized. Now it is possible to carry out any type of activities within the computer network such as buying clothes or shoes in digital stores, going to the supermarket, interacting and communicating with other people through social networks, listening to music or watching movies, playing entertainment games, create or run onlinecourses, etc. The Internet has given us the possibility of accessing and using digital tools and resources to change our way of living on a daily basis.

But if there is any space that has been significantly transformed, it is the educational field, which has managed to enter the technological world quickly and in a positive way, breaking with the digital divide, with stereotypes, with the limitations of space and time, giving us the opportunity to adapt a new teaching modality to our growth or by offering us subjects, specialties that we could not study before and that now with the new digital age is made possible through large online platforms. These are the benefits that as students we can obtain, enroll in an online course, carry it out from anywhere, through a technological device and organizing our time.

As we already know, there are many online courses that we can choose from, look for topics that attract our attention, study something that we are passionate about. We can enter topics related to business, advertising, communication, music, marketing, art, accounting, among others. These courses can be found on different educational platforms such as Udemy, Edx, Coursera, etc. We must orient ourselves towards the one that best suits our needs, in order to meet our professional expectations and goals.

But not all topics are the same, they are differentiated by their modality, their study plan, their methodological structure, their contents, and their activities. There are some that require more effort, greater understanding and that last a little longer. This does not mean that some are less than others, that they do not have the same importance, however it is quite the opposite. There are courses that have become more popular and visible than others and among all of those, there are accounting courses. A rather complicated subject for most but extremely interesting and engaging. That is why in this article we are going to talk about how to teach accounting online, and what platforms we can use to learn.

First of all, let's make a brief overview about what accounting is and what it is for. As defined by Wikipedia, accounting is a discipline that is responsible for studying, measuring and analyzing the assets and financial economic situation of a company or organization, in order to facilitate decision-making within it and the external control, presenting the information, previously registered, in a systematic and useful way for the different interested parties. Through it, each of the economic operations can be registered, in order to verify and have knowledge of where, what the company owns, comes from and what was its useand what remains.

What is it for? Precisely to record each economic movement of a certain commercial business and in this way prepare the accounting statements of the same. Not all of us are interested in this topic, but for those who start a business, this role is quite important and vital.

We are fortunate that today, accounting can also be part of the digital age, because today, young people are very curious about this modality and with it accounting is a subject that instructors want to teach using technological resources and tools to achieve it.

But how to teach accounting? Like any online course. You simply have to create your content and launch your accounting class. As digital teachers we must have the ability to design a teaching plan and be aware of the development of our students in relation to their learning, accompanied by techniques, practices and methods that allow them to understand the concepts. The activities must be oriented to the role played by companies, the economy and the finances acquired, it is about the student receiving activities related to the practice to know the accounting function of a business.

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