We create an online course with the intention not only of transmitting our knowledge and skills and thus teach other people, but we also intend to obtain income through the course. Today the internet is fundamental to carry out this task, but before we can launch it in the market we must take into account different factors so that it can adapt and achieve popularity and success within digital social media.

We know that all online courses are based mainly on being able to integrate new teaching and learning methods to information and communication technologies, to be able to incorporate tools that allow a better and greater access to the different pedagogical contents, essential for the growth and development of people's intellectuals.

Online training has managed to generate significant and representative changes in the life of each social subject. As teachers, our role has not changed much but we must adapt to new technological changes. Creating a course is now one of the most profitable ventures in this era but we have to take into account many previous steps before launching it and make sure that students want to learn.

At the time of starting a business, whatever the field, we come to question many things, and among them arises the question of the price that we should put on a certain product or service, especially when it comes to our first experience and we do not know what type of capital is handled within the market.

In this article we will see some of the previous steps that we have to keep in mind when creating an online training and we will focus on how to set a correct price so that it is not only beneficial for students but also allows us to generate good income.

When we make the decision to create a course, it is because in our minds we have already thought about the subject that we will develop. Ideally, as well as knowing the educational environment and its way of functioning within digital platforms, we can search, investigate and analyze other types of courses, in order to know the functions a little better and strategies that are used to draw the attention of the students and at the same time to know what their demands are and what they are looking for in an online course.

Like all educators, our goal must be focused on being able to guide our students and know what they expect, giving them all the teaching tools, and enhancing their knowledge. Our idea is to be able to exchange with them the ideas or doubts that they have in relation to both the development of the course and the subject to be developed, it is about generating a bond of trust to carry out a process of communication and dialogue.

Being able to determine our audience is essential in any course. We can generate content for children as well as for young people, but within society, adults need to update their knowledge and continue learning, so we must think very well about who we want to reach and why.

Once we have completed the structure of the online course, such as the subject, the objectives, the study plan that we will follow, the duration it will take for the student to develop it, who we are going to teach, we are going to finally consider what the value of that course will be, taking into account different factors, we have to figure out the pros and cons, if our price will be low or high, what attitude our clients will take with that value and if we can really benefit from their income.

How can we fix that value? As follows:

We will first take into account our fixed expenses, that is, that consumption that we will have to enter the educational market. We must choose an educational platform, keep our course updated and active and be able to promote it. We will have variable expenses, those that have to do with the marketing of the course and expenses that may arise during its development.

Something that most of the teachers do is check the price of other info products to get an idea of ​​the value that is handled within the Internet and the educational space. The idea is not to offer less, to get more students, that can have its disadvantages. We must manage a value according to what we are offering, the quality of our course and offer new methods, new formats, new activities that can attract people.

You should know that to set a price for an online cuorse, not only does the content that you are going to offer and the way in which you will do it influence it, but the challenge is to be able to attract, attract the attention of students, through your strategies of advertising, offering a value that people can afford, with a course that helps them train properly. Think about how much you are going to invest to cover fixed and variable expenses and set the correct price accordingly. As time goes by and the number of followers you have, you will see if it is according to your course or not and what you need to lower or raise its value.

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