One of the great transformations that technology has had is the evolution of social networks, applications that people have made part of their lives. These means have been created so that individuals can establish relationships with each other and in this way generate communication, a link and an interaction in a much faster, instantaneous way and without any physical limits. Social networks have been presented to achieve the connection between social subjects, becoming more and more essential and necessary.

Over time, these sites have evolved and changed progressively, allowing the continuous exchange of information between people and also offering different resources and tools to carry out any type of activity, such as uploading videos or photos, sharing information or music, playingentertaining games, even creatingbusiness profiles, among others.

Today we have many social networks to be connected, sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. All of them present similar content, some have more followers than others, but their difference lies in their quality, in the tools that it offers to the human being, the advantages and the benefits that it can offer us, but they all share the same objective, to connect and sell. Each of them intends to share interests and make correct use of each of the functions it presents.

One of the things that has become more relevant in social networks are courses, which havemanaged to adapt to social and technological changes, imposing itself in a satisfactory and positive way in the world of social media and the life of each social subject.

In this article we will address the issue of how to sell our coursethrough social networks, we will take as an example one of the most popular, attractive and striking applications that exists today in the digital world... INSTAGRAM. We will describe how to achieve sales and some strategies to take into account when launching our course.

As described in Wikipedia, the social network Instagram is an application of American origin, owned by Facebook. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010. After its launch, this application has reached popularity thanks to its content, tools and available resources, reaching more than 100 million followers in 2012, and more than 300 million in 2014.

Among the most representative functions of this medium we can find, the photographs and the effects that we can perform on them, whether they are filters, frames, thermal similarities, colors, etc.; the use of hashtags, to highlight some type of content, photography, or video; the interaction of users through private messages; the Instagram stories; IGTV vertical videos and reels, which allow you to share or record videos with pre-existing sound clips from other publications.

As we can see, this technological application has a lot to offer us and the best is yet to come... How to sell through it? It is a very simple step and Instagram puts everything on a tray so that our product can grow even more and generate more sales.

This time we will focus specifically on training. We know that this has had a greater impact on people today and that it has become a constant activity in the digital age. Selling our training on Instagram requires very important steps, which we must follow strictly to achieve our goals and meet our main goal, which is to achieve popularity, visibility and sales.

We must have a business / trainer profile on this social network

It is no longer a personal profile where you can upload everything you do on a daily basis, You must focus on a more professional profile. This will also give you the possibility to show yourself in a different way in front of your followers, knowing what you do and what you offer.

You will have the statistics of your own account available, where you will know the amount of interactions and establish new sale strategies; You will advertise each of your publications to achieve a greater reach on the network and activate Instagram Shopping, which will generate a direct link with your online store.

Have the contents that will be uploaded to our profile prepared previously

Before publishing, analyze all your content to avoid making mistakes, so that your photos are clear and do not generate doubts as well as videos with good quality and sound, so that your followers understand what you are offering

Invite people to follow you

Contact people so they can follow you on your social network, give them information about the course you are making so that they can access and buy it. Show them content that attracts their attention and topics of general interest to study.

Selling your course on Instagram is not complicated if you are confident and know what you want, try to use a logo that can represent you, like your name. Make a brief description about your course and profile to attract more followers. And above all, try to update your content, explore other stories to get to know your users better and place dynamic ads that highlight your aesthetics and your personality as a digital instructor.

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