Maybe that the title of this article really catches your eye. Will it be possible to sell a course, an online class, without having created it first? We always want to be optimistic, positive, to say that not everything is easy but is possible. We're right, if we're sure of what we want, although the risk always exists or problems appear. People have that ability to encourage us to everything even though we might not haveexperience but we always try to reach our goal and meet our objectives and more if it's of business that we're talking about.

Many times we wonder if what we want to offer in our business is really going to sell, if we are going to waste time creating it and sales will never come. We try to find a business that suits our needs, something that generates demand in the market and that can be done without problems. We think about our competition, if we will be better, if we will not do as well as them or if we will be one more of the bunch. Doubts are always there but we take up the challenge and we launch ourselves without anesthesia, but at the same time we think of strategies or techniques that help us sell better and much more.

For entrepreneurs there is nothing impossible, so we believe that yes, we can sell anything even without having created it. As we already know, online learning, online courses are good options to start our sales and our growth as teachers in this new digital medium. There are so many courses on the web, that on many occasions we do not know what to implement and teach. But let's do what we're passionate about, let's find the topic that most identifies us and let's get started. If we want to sell a course but haven't created it yet, we must at least have an idea of what we are going to offer, so that other people feel interest.

We know that everything has changed progressively and even businesses on the internet have taken an unexpected but positive turn for many companies or native entrepreneurs. Before we can create a product, we carry out a preliminary investigation and analysis to find out what people prefer or what they are looking for. We know that most go online to buy products or services. This is something that we have in our favor and that we should not miss. The idea is to create a prototype to see how people react, if it attracts them, if they would buy what we are offering them.

That's what we do first, get to know the audience and then be able to create and indulge them. To sell a course we do the same, we look for our audience, we see that they want to study, what subject they are most interested in and we show them something like a draft. Once we know that our course will be sold, we begin to create it. We show something to sell and then go live.

What matters most to us is to be able to obtain sales, to get students who come to us asking to teach them, to give them content and transmit all our knowledge to them.

When you sell your course online, it may happen that people want to access your blog or platform and there you will have to run and have everything prepared. Can that be a problem? If you have nothing in mind, it is very likely that it will be, but it's assumed that you are qualified for this type of thing and that you have taken the risk of promoting your course before creating it. If you are a good strategist you will be able to solve it and do things in time avoiding complications later on.

But how to sell? Today there are crowdfounding platforms, in which you can present a prototype of your product or services and funds are raised from final consumers based on payments for the product before it is mass produced. In this type of platform, the model of an agile startup is followed: idea, prototype, launch, funds, creation and distribution. In contrast, the classic model is the idea, prototype, test, creation, launch, distribution and benefits. Later we will be able to develop with better precision and know how these platforms work. You can test this option and sell your courses before creating them and challenge your skills and sales strategies to achieve capturing your audience as quickly as possible.

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