Without a doubt, one of the most positive and beneficial resources for people is the creation and transformation of social networks. During time, the media have evolved and offered better content Β and with it new networks have appeared that allow us to do whatever we want.

But we know that one of the most important social medias, which has madea positive impact, isFacebook, it hasbeen in the digital market for approximately 16 years. Its style, its dynamics, its structure have undergone changes throughout its process, incorporating new tools and managing to exceed the expectations of all its users. It has more than 2.4 billion people, who have decided to choose Facebook and create their accounts to interact, share and entertain themselves through it. This makes it an indisputable leader, constantly renewing itself in order to benefit its followers.

Today's Facebook is completely different from what we were used to seeing because nowit gives us efficient tools to create a business, attract with customers and generate successful sales. In other words, this social network not only allows us to have a personal fluent communication relationship with other people, we can also start our own business having everything at our fingertips. But for this we must know how to take full advantage of the potential of Facebook and give it the correct use, the idea is to take advantage of everything it offers us.

We are going to focus on selling courses on Facebook. If we are clear about our objectives from the beginning and know that it is possible to get potential clients for our courses, we will be on the right track. We must know that we can achieve great things by investing our time and money in this social environment. Who doesn't use Facebook? Everyone does and that is a benefitthat you must know how to take advantage of in order to attract with your own followers and generate a sales impact on them.

Do you already know what you are going to teach? We all have that ability to teach anything, or we specialize in a certain subject, we have knowledge that we want to transmit to other people. The magical and wonderful thing about this new digital and social era is that we can create interesting, dynamic and attractive courses of whatever we can think of. Today we can find training courses for teachers, marketing, fashion and beauty, gastronomy, courses that have to do with sports, personal training, health, etc. We can name a wide variety of them.

This may make you think about what you want to teach and generate a little fear, but the idea of a new course should always generate expectations, not resemble those that are already in the market, but better, more creative and with quality educational tools, so that people feel the need to learn with us.

Is it easy? Creating a course entails a lot of responsibility, effort, dedication and not all of us are prepared for that, creating something like this is a process that we must carry out calmly and strategically thinking about what we want to convey.

The important thing about getting clients is to know from end to end, what they are looking for, why, what tastes or preferences they have, their characteristics, what needs they may have and what attracts their attention more. All this data will not only allow us to reach them, but we will establish another type of relationship, another bond based on trust and respect, they may become potential customers, who will have the initiative to recommend us.

Advertising strategies, promotion if we do it the right way, can work perfectly to find our own clients and be a leader in our training market, but we must think carefully about our objectives, what we are willing to do, creating an effective profile, publishing important and valuable content, interacting with people, creating communication and taking advantage of everything that Facebook offers us.

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