On many occasions, when we take the initiative to create an online course and we have thought about the topic that we will carry out, we do not know how we can create our course's content in a fast and easy-to-use way.

The new information and communication technologies are tools that not all of us know how to use, it costs us a little more to know how they work. As trainers this usually happens to us but we must make an effort to learn a little more about the new technology and if we want to undertake our online training, we must know how to adapt, start using every content, tool, material and resource that they offer us.

In this article we are going to give you some tips that you can take into account when creating content for your courses and how you can do it easily and without complications.

When you create content, it has to be powerful, it has to attract the attention of your followers, that is why it must be attractive and potential content. The idea is that students can feel interested in our subject and that is why we must share our content in a massive way, through digital media, making it visible so that it reaches more students.

Both the goals and the audience I am going to address to are the base of all online courses. Each of the factors that I involve in it is of the utmost importance. We are offering information on a subject that we know perfectly, we offer content with great value so that other people can develop their skills and we can continue transmitting our knowledge.

When we enter the path of education, we know that there are many decisions that we must make, from what topic to offer, to what audience I want to address to, how much will my courses cost, what platform will I use or how will I promote it. These are issues that we have to keep in mind.

Many times we just want to give everything, to get more audience but this type of tactics does not always work. In education there are many extremely important topics, we have a lot of material to teach and we believe that offering all that will make our students stay. Perhaps within the digital educational field things work in a different way, much more selective. It is not about summarizing the topics and making it easier, it is about giving the most important thing, offering concepts that help us understand the topic better and teach through recreational and dynamic activities, using technological tools for a better understanding.

As time passes and your course continues to develop successfully, you will notice the needs that people have, their tastes and preferences. In this way you can select other contents, offering them what they are looking for, using all the information you have and adapting them to your students.

Before creating an online course, we have to look for materials and new methodologies so that our content is useful and necessary for others. We have the possibility of finding platforms that offer us the tools and digital resources to achieve high-quality content, so we must be vigilant and analyze each of the options we have.

As we have already mentioned, there are sites or digital platforms that allow us to create content for our online course. Let's check out the most popular.

Canva: This application allows users to create all kinds of images from standard sizes. They can be in presentations or infographics styles. It also gives us the possibility to create our own appropriate size images according to the social network in which we will share them.

Evernote: this platform works as a notepad. You can add all kinds of content to work with. It also offers the possibility of making work reminders. It has an exclusive version for companies that enhances the use of note books and corporate documentation.

PhotoJet: here we can turn images into works of art. You can edit photos, design graphics or make a photo collage that can then be shared. It is a complete graphic design, photo editing and collage creation tool.

Google Drive: is a powerful Google tool that allows you to have all your files in one same space. It allows you to store and create digital text files, excel tables or even forms. Google Drive is a suitable tool to host files in image or text format.

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