As we have already mentioned on several occasions, the Internet has managed to revolutionize people in a powerful and positive way. Why? Because he has given us everything to be able to carry out our daily activities, from communicating, selling, buying to teaching. All of us have turned to the web to find information, to interact with someone, to search for products or services and we have tried to make a living with those jobs that can be done on it. But to earn money we have to know how to do it and seek our professional and work goal in the right way.

It is not simply about starting something and launching it on the web, but about creating something that is really worth it sothat people can choose us for thequality ofour service and achieve stability within the internet. Not being one of the bunch, really being a digital professional.

Today, one of the most profitable businesses on the computer network is the field of education. Today everyone wants to dedicate themselves to teaching online because we can earn much more than we think but not everyone has the possibility of making it possible. It is not an easy task because on many occasions the experience can be fundamental, that is, I must have given classes at some point and especially through digital media. Technology is something completely new for teachers. They are used to giving face-to-face classes and to handle themselves in a different way. But digital has made improvements in the learning process and that is very important in the academic and professional growth of both students and teachers.

Online educators are giving topics such as advertising, business, marketing, visual or performing arts, topics that have really impacted people because of their content and modality. But if there is something completely new, successful and positive, it is teaching languages.

Nowadays, language teachers have also joined new digital teaching and learning processes and people have been attracted to them. That is why in this article we will talk about language courses, how they work, how to create them and if it is possible to earn a living being an online language teacher.

We can find many language courses on the web, ranging from English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, etc. and we have the possibility of finding many platforms to be able to learn the language that we like the most and are passionate about. For many people, being able to know other languages has become a necessity, because it allows them to know other cultures, in order to generate new communication processes. Having the possibility of learning as well as teaching a certain language opens the door to new job opportunities and that is what we are mainly looking for.

For those who are dedicatedto creating language courses, the learning challenge is always there. Some already have the experience of having taught in person but digitally it costs them a little more, because they need to adapt to new technologies and sometimes do not see the potential that these have for their classes, simply because they do not use all the tools and resources that the Internet offers us. To create a course of this type, we need to be able to master the language that we will teach perfectly, we need to be trained to carry out this activity, otherwise we could clearly fail and not be successful, as well as we need to create our content, organize our classes, plan, use books, videos, images, digital whiteboards to make classes more dynamic, communicative and interactive.

The question now is, can we make a living by being a language teacher? The key is in the work that you carry out. Just as you can create an online course, you can make a living from it but for that you always need a previous process, the production, the assembly, the structure of what youwant to offer, in this case, language classes, being able to train and provide all our knowledge to other people. Creating a good product, with effort, dedication and work, is all we need to achieve benefits and profits either in the short or long term but meeting our expectations as language teachers. You must be able to position yourself on the Internet, that people know you, providing them with interesting content so that they can share their experiences with other students.

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