Products and services are something fundamental in people's lives, since they allow satisfying needs such as food, clothes, education, etc. Today the market offers a good number of products instantly, where you can have what you want at your fingertips through digital social media.

We know the importance of the quality, quantity and value of a certain product, that is why we need our business to meet those objectives. We must create a product that can meet customer expectations. We must follow eachand everyone of the factors that we have to take into account for its realization, so that we can make it visible within the market and generate popularity for our brand. As long as we carry out a correct process, we can launch our product or service and generate sales.

Something fundamental in a business is the value of a product, this allows consumers to choose us, but in order to create it we need to implement innovation, the basis of any profitable and successful business. However, we entrepreneurs go much further, we have doubts and wonder if it is possible to add value to what wearepromoting and disseminating through the web, through the platforms.

What do we mean by this? When we want to add value, we want to add an extra feature to a product, in order to also give it a better and greater value within the market.

In order to know exactly if an info-product has that added value we must take into account three fundamentals. The first would be to ask ourselves if what we are offering has something different from the rest or if it can provide another type of experience in terms of consumption. The second is based on the benefit that we areproviding to ourtclients, if what I give them exceeds their expectations. Finally, we must think if the price that we have given to this product goesaccording to the needs of the people, if it is possible to acquire it, if it is expensive, if it is cheap and especially if it is a price that is managed within the market.

What must you take into account to create added value to your product or service? We must show something that has never been seen or simply that, if it is in the market, we can make it much better. To be able to offer a product that awakens the wishes of potential consumers, a quality product, where they can see itspotential, its benefits, its characteristics. We must let people know why this product is ideal for their consumption and in this way that they can give it a greatvalue.

Selling on the Internet is perhaps much simpler but it also gives the possibility of gaining their trust,offering them options, guarantees and / or discounts. A communication process is carried out, where as sellers we are attentive to doubts or queries that may arise in the development of a purchase.

As a company, we have an ideology, principles anda profile...that is something that will allow people to feel identified with our brand. That is why when creating value we have to think about what consumers will really choose. You must remember that the more innovative you are, the better you will be in this area, being able to maintain a stable business is the right way to achieve great results.

It is also about using each of the effective marketing strategies, using technological communication tools to convey to people the potential and value of your products. Search, investigate, analyze, think, organize, create a value that makes you different, incorporates everything that other brands do not so that you get your own clients and that they recommend you. There is nothing better than a good recommendationfrom your consumers.

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