On many occasions we want to enter the virtual educational world but we do not find a way to achieve it, we do not know what subject or what type of course to carry out and we do not know if it will have the success that we are really expecting.

Although it may seem impossible, being able to choose your online course as an instructor is not as complicated as it seems, we simply have to have clear ideas and make the right decisions to be able to instruct, communicate and transmit everything we know professionally.

When we decide to teach, educate digitally, we must bear in mind our objectives, know what we want to achieve with this new methodology, what goal we hope to achieve atshort or long term. The idea from the beginning is to dedicate ourselves to a specific activity that allows us to transmit all our knowledge and in turn can also generate personal and professional growth in ourselves.

As a central objective of our online course and as instructors we need to be fully responsible for being able to plan each of the activities and contents, offering the necessary tools to students. It is necessary that before choosing an online course we are predisposed to each of the concerns, doubts or queries of those who want to learn, this also means being able to dedicate our time to them.

Through this article we not only want to describe the importance of being an instructor in the technological field and everything we need to be able to achieve it, but we also want to show how to choose a subjectif you have not yet decided on one.

Every instructor plays a very important role in the process of teaching or educating people, it is about them being able to acquire all our knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes. We can say that the demand for an instructor to teach us is essential at this stage of life, where online education has become the main protagonist of an entire society.

As time passes, with the revolution of the new information and communication technologies and the incorporation of new educational procedures, new specialties, new understanding and work techniques gradually emerge, in which the educational systemis adapting to, these progressive changes.

The way we choose an online course is based mainly on the ideas we have in our mind and what we have trained ourselves on. We have many specialties to choose from, but we must find the exact point to be able to dedicate ourselves to that activity in which we move best.

But we wonder what I need to take into account to start developing as a digital instructor. From the beginning you must know how to choose something that motivates you, in which you put all your passion and you can know how to transmit all your wisdom. The first thing is to feel good and safe in what we are going to do, be able to organize our time and space, finding a comfortable, safe place where we can work in the correct conditions.

In the world of the web, there are plenty of specialties, and we need to analyze which one suits us best, differentiating ourselves from the rest and exceeding each of our expectations.



The way in which you will manage your time and how you will organize to give your classes is fundamental in your role as an instructor. That is why you must plan your topics in advance, inform yourself and be prepared.

If you've already agreed to meet up with your students at a certain time, stick to that schedule and be punctual, we know well that students have a hard time waiting and that doesn't motivate them.


These are qualities that you must have when starting your online course. During the development of a class, of a course, problems may arise, whether technological, having to do with the students or your content, so you must always be attentive to solve them immediately.

Being active means that you never stop updating your content and that you always keep moving, active, teaching much more and thinking of new technological educational strategies.


It is important that you manage to interact and generate a communication process with your students so that you can know exactly what their needs and tastes are, what bothers them, what is the doubt they have regarding the methodological materials, get to know what they think so you can help them.


Leaving the routine of online classes is an option that you can consider depending on the times you manage. Many of the students need to make consultations outside the established hours and it is something that we must take care of to achieve greater and better growth in them.

We can offer alternative texts, audios or video tutorials, dynamic activities and anything else that can keep them busy.

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