Whatever the environment in which we find ourselves, we must maintain good relationships, whether in a work space, when we are with friends and even within the educational field. If your work has to do withteaching, givingclasses or training courses, this article may interest you as we will address how to build a sincere and respectful relationship with our students and create a bond of trust with them.

We must know that by achieving this we are building a formal environment, which will help us create an exchange of ideas, establishing a dialogue and generating founded opinions and a communication process that we must always have when our profession is about teaching and transmitting our knowledge to other people.

With the new educational systems, that is, with today's online education, we have to be clear that things are not harder, quite the opposite.

The Internet makes everything practically easier for us, but it is we educators who must know how to adapt everything that's educational to the Internet and establish a relationship with students for greater trust, otherwise it may even generate a climate of tension, which will have consequences such as for example the abandonment of the career or the training in course and that is not the idea.

If from the beginning our attitude is good and positive, the students willfeel comfortable, the fact of being attentive to the problems that may arise, to the doubts that they may have about the course and about the classes, all this will make the peoplewho study with us feel accompanied, listened to, within a digital course, this perspective is very important and fundamental.

We need to create a positive and motivating environment. For many this may be a minor detail or one more of the lot, that we simply must dedicate ourselves to teaching inclass and nothing more, but education requires much more than that and also has to do with the vocation of each teacher and the objectives that they have both personally and in teaching.

Do I want my students to learn the right way? Do I want you to be able to talk about what I teach? When it comes to creating courses on the internet, we do not have to do it simply to earn more money or spend our time, but to ask ourselves what we really want to achieve, where we want to go and if we want to last over time so that students continue to choose us,by our ability and by the relationship that isestablished in the course.

When we are in front of a screen giving classes, we have someone on the other side who takes us as references, who will listen to us if we treat them respectfully and if the content is interesting and in turn we teach themto respect the classes schedules, other classmates opinionsand the teacher when speaking, from there we establish a bond of trust.

Should we be serious? This is an activity of great responsibility and seriousness but that does not mean that we can'tbe happy, or that we can'timplement fun, interactive or motivating dynamics. Nowadays, many of the students get bored with so many theories and that is why we must incorporate exchange tasks, communication tasks that are striking and ensure that people grow in a better digital learning environment.

Education requires emotions, feelings that clearly do not exceed the limits but that allow us to approach our students from other aspects, knowing their concerns, their problems, asking why they did not attend a class, why they are not attentive or don't listen, to provide the tools and resources so they can havethe possibility of studying in a more comfortable, simple way, interpreting the concepts, also knowing their capacities, abilities and their potential. That is what they need and that allows them to create a stable bond for better personal and intellectual growth.

Education is not only about content or learning methods but it has to do with the way we teach and address students, establishing a professional bond and being attentive to what is happening around us.

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