The new communication and information technologies have achieved a highly significant change in the new teaching and learning methods, allowing students to access pedagogical content and giving teachers the possibility to create creative virtual classes through different formats and using a large number of materials to provide those who learn from educational platforms or social networks.

The role that teachers play in this new digital era is very important, not only because of the themes or subjects they can offer nor because of the tools they incorporate into their online classes. To give courses on the Internet or in any social field, you need to be a good teacher.

In this article we will address how to be a good educator to achieve our academic goals and so that our students can feel comfortable with the classes we offer them.

We know how important it is to be able to choose an appropriate educational platform or virtual classroom that is, above all, safe, reliable and popular. This will help us a lot to have a good number of students who may be interested in our curricular content.

The rest will depend a lot on our training as a teacher, our knowledge, attitudes and the way we teach.

Let's get to know a little more what a teacher is and what his role is in a class and in the new world of the web.

An educator is mainly that person who works in the educational space and who has the ability to educate other people. His goal is to transmit information or a message to each of his students and that through their knowledge they can be adequately taught for the future, so a teacher must present an idea that can be understood correctly.

An online instructor has different functions that must be kept in mind when giving a class or course on the web. In the first place, the teacher has the responsibility of relating three fundamental concepts, knowledge, new information and communication technologies, and students. If they do not work with each other, it would be even more difficult to carry out the classes, that is why you must make sure that they can join each other and in the appropriate and positive way.

Returning to the functions that an educator has, we can say that his role, as we have already mentioned above, is to transmit, make his knowledge known, answer each of the questions whenever necessary, to be able to draw the attention of students through each of the audiovisual materials that he provides and carry out activities or exercises suitable for their continued learning. We know that due to the advancement of technologies, the online teacher has the possibility of having a greater scope in terms of bibliographic contents and has more resources to adequately carry out their activities.

This is a part that we must keep in mind to be a good teacher, but is something more needed? Without a doubt the answer is yes.

It is important to choose a suitable schedule that not only suits you as a teacher, but also fits the time of your students so that they can access without problems. We must choose a time where we are not tired and we can provide any type of information and / or clarify any questions to our students. Be wide awake to make use of different techniques so that our classes are creative, productive and effective.

You have to remember that your personal appearance is essential to teach virtually. Your image not only within the web but outside of your academic work, it must be correct so that your students feel comfortable. Using appropriate language so that they can understand it will also help you be a good educator.

When we say teach, the most important thing is that we know what subject we are going to choose, obviously those that we like the most. Being able to plan our topics in advance will help us to give a better class. We must focus on what we want to teach, on our pedagogical goals, and on our responsibility for the teaching and learning methods we implement.

Each of our attitudes in front of the screen speaks for itself, about the importance we give to classes and the meaning of teaching through new technologies.

It's not much of a science knowing how to be a good teacher or the best educator, it is simply about achieving constant communication and relationships with other people, with students, developing each of our qualities in order to transmit a clear message.

When creating a class, taking the digital path, the person who teaches must show a warm environment, a space of respect, responsibility and trust with each of their students. Both communication and the virtue of being able to listen to the other play an extremely crucial role so that an online class can be successful and in this way carry out more educational courses.

Education is in a process of significant change, since new procedures or techniques are implemented that help all people have access and make use of each of the technological tools, that also produces a change for life and work that is established in the new knowledge society.

In order to achieve adequate teaching and be able to carry out pedagogical activities, information and communication technologies pose functions that must be taken into account when using them: a constant communication channel, an open source to be able to process information and content, generate new knowledge , informative and educational spaces, also establishing a cognitive development and constituting a fundamental means of expression for life.

That is why to be a good teacher, each of these functions must be incorporated, also posing opportunities to access bibliographic materials.

The role of a teacher in this new digital era is to provide permanent online teaching, training properly to understand the virtual world even better from an educational point of view.

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