Self-confidence is a vital part of everyone’s well-being. And today, the well-being is becoming more and more important every day: you can note it by reading magazines or books. Speaking with your friends or your family members. Some specialized reviews have been created in the last ten years, to allow everyone to acquire a minimum of psychic happiness, despite the ups and downs of life.

However, after a shocking personal or professional event, this happiness may be clouded with doubts. And unfortunately, the first element that collapses is self-confidence. How can you always have confidence after mockeries or remarks ? How could you always believe in your mental or physical abilities, after such a harsh criticism ?
Some people have had problems with confidence from a very young age. And it is often accentuated by relationships.

Today we are going to boost ourselves. We will establish five essential rules to offer us a little of happiness. So take notes, because your vision of life will change, and for your greater good !


1 / Make the point on your physical and mental state, and your life

First of all, well-being and self-confidence can’t be without making a general statement about your current health and psychological state. Thus, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons of your life, and ask yourself questions. For example, “Do I feel good physically ?” or “Did I have many sad moments in the week ?” Once these questions have been asked and answered, it is easier to establish an aim. For example, if you conclude that your psychic state is sullen because of your body, you will have to work on the cause. If your heart, head and body are fine but you are extremely stressed, you have to find a way to evacuate it or calm yourself, for self-confidence.

2 / Try to see the glass half full rather than half empty

Then, here is certainly one of the most difficult exercises. When you lack self-confidence, it’s very hard to see life in pink. Shades are often around gray, neutral colors or black. However, with each situation, it is necessary to remember that everything could be worse.
Take an example: in your work, you are terrified by terrible anxieties (which often seem unfounded for your friends). To have a more optimistic vision, you can already see that you are in good health. You have a home, and you are surrounded by your friends and family. Although these moments are hard to pass, this power should not be underestimated. And you have to look far away, with your head held high, and with pride in front the way already traveled.

3 / Surround yourself and calm yourself with people you trust

These people can be the ones you want; a lover, some family members, some friends or others. From the moment that you trust them, and they bring you joy and relaxation during your meetings, do not hesitate to “create” time to see them. You have to know how to talk about yourself. You have to learn to say what you feel, and especially not to believe that people are bored by you, or judge. If it’s the case, then you can realize that they are not trustworthy people; then, go to other people.


4 / Have fun !

Then, do not take your lack of self-confidence as a fatal sentence. And for that, don’t hesitate to please yourself; do a manicure, spa, some shopping … Or organize a trip to get fresh ideas. Everything is possible and nothing is unthinkable! (As long as it stays in your budget). Even a small thing, like going to the barber or the hairdresser can make you feel good, you give you a self-esteem and self-confidence.

5 / Take resolutions and love yourself

Finally, this last step is the key to success. Loving yourself: knowing who you are, how you are. How to react in some situations and not to be ashamed of yourself … Then, to take resolutions: to walk without shame, to consider yourself as the same level as others. Or don’t be afraid of yourself, be dynamic and stop being a follower. All these little things, classified in TO-DO list, are essential to give you back self-confidence. So, give yourself aims and follow them, it is the best !


Thus, you have all the cards in hand to make your future much better … Go for it! And do not forget to love yourself because you are unique!

“One of the keys to success is self-confidence. One of the keys to self-confidence is preparation. “
Arthur Ashe

See you soon !

Clotilde – @lesvolutesdeclaudia