Healthy ideas for this early 2021 ? We say YES! It is necessary to relieve his body sometimes by a detox cure, in addition to a balanced diet. This eliminates toxins stored during excesses, during holiday meals or alcoholic evenings, but also ones caused by stress and a period of rush. But how does it work ? Here are some ideas that will help you !

1/ Drink more water

That’s true ! It can seem silly, but it is essential to drain the body of all bad substances. Normally we need to drink at least 1.5L of water per day. For a good detox, do not hesitate to drink 2L for the day. Warning ! It is better to drink more water in the morning or during the day instead of in the evening before going to bed. Otherwise, you will keep it more easily.

If you do not like water, if it tastes bland for you, you can still flavor it with a few ingredients. For example, add to your bottle some slices of cucumber and mint. Or, carrots with rosemary. Or just a few slices of lemon yellow and green. This gives immediately more taste !

2/ Prefer tea instead of coffee

Coffee is not necessarily harmful to health, but the instant effect of caffeine – this that gives the desired “kick-off” – is not the best for your body. Tea has more effect on the duration, and lasts longer. The must is a sugar-free green tea, natural or mixed, rich in antioxidants that will relieve your body. For my part, I’m also crazy about some herbal teas such as thyme-mint mixture.

3/ Stop bad fat and sugar

There are two types of fat: saturated and unsaturated. Of course, it is better to eat unsaturated fat. And it’s not necessarily foods you don’t like ! For example, cheese is a very good intake of fat. Meat too, bringing also proteins. Avocado, dried fruits… There are plenty. It is just necessary to know when you should eat them – in the morning or at noon later – not to store them.

About sugar, I obviously talk about “pure” sugar: cakes, sweets, soda…

4/ A good sleep… Not too much, but enough !

Too much sleep will not help your body to recover, it is quite the contrary. If you know your number hours of “perfect” sleep, do it. The majority of people are between 7 and 8 hours of sleep needed by night. Do not sleep enough will tire your organism that can not find a healthy routine …

5/ Move, move and move !

The key is physical exercise. No, I don’t say you need to sign up in a gym. You just need to adopt rules in everyday life: taking the stairs in the subway, or walking in the escalators; favor the dynamic walking by exiting one or two stations before ; take the dog out a little longer… And trust me, even him will be delighted!

If you have other healthy ideas, feel free to share them with us. See you soon !