Get back to sport ? That’s great ! Without any injury ? That’s so complicated ! Indeed, going too fast or not taking any precautions for your body, the exercise turns directly to the drama.

Why ? Because, when you’re not doing sport during one, two, three months… or three years, the body can feel an aggression, exhausts easily and inevitably tries to regain flexibility it no longer has.

Results: At best, huge body aches that will make you suffer for three big days. At worst, a tear or a breakdown, and you wouldn’t move at all. Conclusion: a disgust of the effort, a project that is delayed and finally falls into oblivion.

Source – Têtu

So, what can you do ? It is very simple ! If you used to run, don’t run more than half an hour for a few sessions, before gradually increasing. For the abdominals, it’s the same. No big sessions at the beginning, otherwise you will not be able to move ! Start with a series of each exercise, and then increase gently. All with a warm up, stretching, and drink a lot of water for recovery.

In all cases, getting back to sport is not the most easy thing. You need a good part of motivation, and during a gloomy month like January, it’s always complicated ! So, try in a small group of two or three people. There are groups every weekend in different cities to go running, walking or other groups. Do not hesitate !

Source – Marie Claire

Good luck ! See you soon