Every time we have to speak and even debate about education and technologies, we enter a world of new terms that many of us do not know or do not fully understand.

We know of the close relationship that teaching and the web have and the impact it has on people. These two spaces have become powerful and essential in the life of each subject present in society, since both allow them to satisfy their intellectual, cultural, pedagogical and technological needs, offering a large number of tools to investigate, to learn about topics of general interest, being able to communicate and interact with other people, have educational materials at hand, and a host of possible activities.

Undoubtedly, the incorporation of the field of education to new technologies has taken center stage, constantly including educational platforms and social networks, online courses, support classes at different levels, webinars and much more.

In this article we are going to delve into the meaning of WEBINARS, the influence on the network, and especially how it works and if it's possible to make use of this new technological tool.

What are Webinars? When we talk about this term, we refer to the relationship that is established between the web and a seminar. It is something like a conference that takes place online through a digital platform and through a technological device.

One of the main characteristics of webinars is the relationship, communication and interaction that exists between the person conducting the conference and those who wish to access or listen to it.

The main objective of every Webinar is completely educational, it is intended to communicate certain information on a particular topic. However, we always wonder what the use of this digital tool that has gained momentum in recent months and has begun to gain popularity in the online world, is. We can say that a webinar can serve on the one hand as a marketing plan, the goal of which is to attract and seduce the attention of customers through products or services of a brand or company for commercial purposes. But on the other hand, it can have an educational use, this means that support classes or online courses are carried out in order to teach professionals.

So far we understand that webinars are on their way to success, due to the number of users who take the challenge of using this tool that the current web offers us in order to make possible the circulation of informative and educational content and offer to the public a new way of communicating and learning.

In today's society, webinars have caused more engagement than expected, reaching more and more people in the world and allowing them to create their own content through videos and generating more links on the web. If you do not know this new online term, don't worry, this is specifically what engagements are about, being able to attract customers who trust what we offer them, and in this way you can create a continuous loyalty bond.

But it is clear that the most important thing is to know how this tool works and how we can make a good webinar and not make mistakes when using it.

There are many programs that are completely free that make it possible for us to access and create a webinar. For example we have HANGOUTS BY GOOGLE. This application is a multiplatform exclusively for messages, that was created and developed in 2017 by Google. Hangouts is a product aimed at business users with the Hangouts brand divided into two main products: Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Due to its low acceptance and with the definitive withdrawal of Google+, in 2019 it announced plans to close Hangouts "Classic" and transition customers from G Suite to Hangouts Chat.

As Wikipedia describes it, this application allows conversations between two or more users and, as in Google+ Hangouts, to carry out video callswith up to 15 people on the web and 10 people from a smartphone. The conversations carried out are archived in the cloud, allowing them to be synchronized between different devices. Characters can be sent during conversations like emojis and share photos, gif images, locations which are automatically stored in a private album of the Photos service in the Google+ profile of each user.

But we also find many programs that, although are paid, are very easy to handle and have very good elements for creating a Webinar, among which we can find: Adobe Connect, Brught Talk, Demio, ClickMeeting, GoToWebinar, Hopin, Jitsi, Livestorm, Peewah, Run the world, Skype, Streamyardand many more, which we can undoubtedly develop in our next article.

Do you want to know how to start making a Webinar? Those of us who want to enter this new online universe want to make an effective Webinar that achieves success in each of our users.

It is important that we know perfectly and with professionalism, the subject, the information and the content that we are going to transmit. It should be an attractive topic that everyone is looking for. This is crucial, it's so people want to access and not only enjoy but learn from all our knowledge.

Being clear about how we are going to convey it will also make our Webinar excellent and eye-catching. I can find many ways to teach and communicate something, through slides, virtual whiteboards. The good thing is that within the web we can find a large number of materials to offer our users. We need to do a little more research and plan our information.

Do we want to interact and discuss with our participants or just have them see and listen to us? Our goal is that they pay attention, learn and leave satisfied with the information we provide them. However, being able to relate is something fundamental to achieve effectiveness. This will depend a lot on your strategies and the intentions we have when conducting a Webinar.

Something crucial is to make alanding page for each Webinar, to be able to describe the information of each video you make. A landing page is a Web pagea person reaches after clicking on the link or button in a guide, some banneror text ad located on another website, application, social network, E-mail or portalfrom Internet. In most cases, this web page is an extension of the promotion announcement, where the offer of the product or service that is being promoted through a sales letter.

In this way you will be establishing strategic advertising for your Webinar and inviting many people who can enter and have access to see it. This tool is essential for promoting either a product, a class or a course to achieve success and popularity on the web.

Do not stay with the simple idea of making a video and nothing else, implement techniques, methods, materials that serve to teach with quality and allow you to continue within that field and constantly grow as a professional.

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