Detox ideas for the beginning of the year? We say YES!

You must clean your body from time to time with a detox cure, in addition to a balanced diet. This eliminates toxins stored by excess, during festive meals or parties, but also due to stress and some period in which we are in a hurry.
But how to do it? Here are some ideas that can help!

1 / Drink water

It may sound silly, but it is essential to drain the body of all bad substances. Normally, we should drink at least 1.5L of water per day. For a good detox, don't hesitate to switch to 2L per day.

Attention! It is better to drink more water in the morning or during the day than at night before bed. Otherwise, it will tend to wake up more easily. If you don't like water by itself, you can always flavor it with a few ingredients.

For example, add a few cucumber and mint slices to the bottle. Or carrot rings with rosemary. Or just a few slices of lemon and lime. Immediately gives more flavor!

2 / Prefer tea to coffee

Coffee is not necessarily harmful to health, but the instant effect of caffeine, which gives the desired "kick"of energy, is not the best for the body. Tea has a longer lasting effect. The best is still a sugar-free green tea, simple or mixed, rich in antioxidants that will soothe your body. For my part, I also love certain herbal teas like thyme-mint blend.

3 / Limit bad fats and sugar

There are two types of fat: saturated and unsaturated. Obviously, it is best to eat
unsaturated fats. And these are not necessarily foods you don't like!

For example, cheese is a very good source of fat. Meat too, providing more protein. Avocado, nuts ... there are many. You just have to know how to eat them at the right time, in the morning or at noon at the latest, so as not to store them.

As for sugar, I'm obviously talking about "pure" sugar: cakes, sweets, soft drinks ...

4 / Sleep correctly ... Not too little, not too much!

Sleeping too much will not help your body to recover, on the contrary. If you know the number of hours of "perfect" sleep, put it into practice. Most people get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. Not getting enough sleep will further tire your body, preventing you from finding a healthy routine ...

5 / Get out, move!

The key is physical exercise. Nor is it necessary to register in a gym, you just have to adopt some rules every day: go up the stairs in the subway or walk on the escalators; promote dynamic gait by lowering one or two stations earlier; take the dog a little bit more for a walk ... and believe me, even he will be delighted!

If you have other detox ideas, please share them with us.

See you soon!

Clotilde - @lesvolutesdeclaudia