Creating our first online courseis a challenge. Many times it is difficult for us to make this decision, because we feel insecure, we do not know if it will really work and if people will want to learn with us. It really is a challenge that we set ourselves as teachers and more when it comes to using technological tools. Our first challenge without a doubt is to be able to know what technologies are, how the digital age works, what benefits we can obtain, what resources and materials it offers us. In some way or another we must adapt all our knowledge, skills and abilities to the new information and communication technologies. We need to adapt our teaching and learning methods to them.

Entering the path of online education is not easy at all but we must know that today it is has the greatest relevance, popularity and visibility and if we manage to create a course that's really worth it, we will enter and face using a new modality, which as time goes by changes, evolves and transforms each of the areas of society. This is a positive thing, because digital education is really necessary for people's lives.

When we want to experience this educational process online, we ask ourselves what we can teach, what we do better or what activities we can offer to attract the attention of students. I'll pause here, because we have to be clear that the basis of our course is them, the students, and on many occasions being able to attract them is not easy. I need to find a topic that generates interest, something that they are looking to learn, a topic that awakens their skills, that does not bore them, that can keep their eyes wide open and with their minds focused on the content that we are going to to provide.

We must know what their preferences are, what they think and what they are look for in online courses. We can clearly do an analysis of the competition, of other academic online courses to collect this type of information and have well defined the people to whom we will teach.

What comes from this depends on your own personal and educational objectives, you have to use a methodology according to teaching, incorporate strategies and techniques for better learning, use evaluation activities to see the follow-up of your students. You must have the ability to develop methodological skills and improve the cognitive, social and emotional aspects of people.

As we already know, the online market is really full of online courses, on various topics, that you can create and sell, one must make a difference in relation to others, you must offer courses that captivate so that everyone ends up wanting to learn with you. The first time may not achieve as much visibility, but that depends on you, if you are constant and persevering with what you do.

It is not allowed to lower your arms, you have to do your work, dedicate your time, organize your ideas and transmit what you know. Mistakes are always made but this should not put us back, on the contrary. We create an online course to improve, to teach, communicate, interact and exchange ideas, it is about being better every day and learning to manage this digital educational world.

We are going to give you three options so that you can start creating your own course through simple, easy-to-use platforms.

The first is the Domestika digital platform, where you must register with a completely free account and then share your idea, your teaching topic. In order to create a course, the tools are easy to use and you also have advice. The content that you can offer lasts approximately between 2 and 3 hours, which includes the video format to carry it out. Domestika does not have published what percentage is taken by your courses but it can be between 30 and 50% of the value of the sale of each course.

The second option is Hotmart,it's based especially onthe authors and puts their system to create courses and monetize them to work.Anyone can register and start creating their own courses. You can put the price of your courses. It may not be that popular, but its operation is simple and to create your first course it can be very useful.

Finally we have one more option according to our needs and expenses and that is to create and sell your online course through WordPress. In this platform you can have control of the operation of your courses and do it the way you want. By means of a compressed file with all the content and material that you will use, you will be able to distribute and sell your class to your contacts.

WordPress is a content management system, created and launched on May 27, 2003, which is focused on the creation of any type of web page. Originally achieved great popularity in creating blogs, to later become one of the main tools for creating commercial web pages.

There are many more digital platforms in which you can create or sell your course, you simply have to see which one suits your free time, your educational structure and your needs. You should cheer up and create your own online learning experience.

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