Online courses have been successful in recent years, due to constant demand from young people and also from adults. And this seems to have no end, since people have decided to invest their time continuing tolearn, but with a new modality. Education and technology meet to fulfill the expectations of society and give them the possibility of choosing new teaching methods.

The need to have digital courses exists within society to facilitate the incorporation of various audiovisual and computer resources and materials, in order to create a continuous teaching process, where communication spaces are generated, to transmit knowledge and information, overcoming the limitations of space and time.

Today, courses play a very important role in people's lives. This union between education and new technologies has made it possible to establish a new way of building knowledge, of generating new languages and new cultures, so that we all have the possibility of studying through digital social media, the web, and educational platforms

Each of the areas of society is being digitized, which has not been rejected due to the benefits that are offered, such as in the educational space, where we have at our disposal, tools, materials, resources and techniques, to be able to carry out the creation of a course.

The idea of this article is to guide you so that you can create a course in just 24 hours, which perhaps seems like a long or short time to do it, but we must be aware that time is worth money and we must make the most of it to comply with our goals.

What do we need to create a course in such a short time? The challenge is simple, but you have to take your time to do it clearly, creating good content to be able to place it on the educational market as soon as possible.

The first is easy and it will surely not take you long. The subject you are going to teach in the course must be something that you have previously been instructed in, something that you'dlike to expand on and know from beginning to end. When we decide to create a course it is because we have already thought about the topic that we are going to teach, so it is easier and more practical to search for the content that we will give. The important thing is that whatever our subject, we can transmit our skills and knowledge in a correct way. The more we do what we are passionate about, the better the results are.

We have to keep in mind that when creating a course, we have to give our best, give a good first impression so that our students can trust what we offer them. We exercise our role as teachers in order to generate knowledge, provide an education, achieve personal and professional growth, offering materials and resources for their learning. The role of a teacheris very important because it can give the course more credibility and make students want to learn. That is why our profile must coincide with our trajectory and experience in the digital educational system and transmit our goals and values to people.

Did you know that content greatly influences a course? Surely you are aware of it because we have already mentioned it several times and it is not something minor or that we should miss. Good content attracts students, as long as it is dynamic, efficient, real. We have defined our audience to continue creating our course but the base of it is in its content. In this case it is important that you have a study plan, an already structured methodology, the time that the course will last, and how you will carry it out, that is, incorporating readings, images, podcasts, educational recreational activities, using new techniques, among others. Remember that you must keep your students wide awake and that any mistake can cause them to abandon or simply get bored with the information you give them. Think well before carrying out a structure or planning, because your content must be interactive, interesting and motivating.

What follows is choosing a suitable platform to place your course. Nowadays, we have the opportunity since the internet offers us many of them, some free, others paid, but so you can teach and sell your own course. You must choose one that suits your need, principlesand objectives as a teacher. Once you're sure, just throw it out on the digital educational marketplace and wait for students to join in, grabbing their attention. Use all social networks to promote it, because as you well know, people are connected all the time and the idea is that they can visualize your content and start learning.

Can you manage to create a course in 24 hours? Nothing is impossible when we want to achieve something, when we do what we are passionate about. It is a quick process but you must be attentive to the details and correctly choose your subject, content and the appropriate platform.

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