Thanks to the new information and communication technologies, teachers can count on many tools and resources to be able to teach in a more traditional way, such as the web. The Internet has grown enough to show us that its functionality and structure can change our teaching and learning methods. The web has had a potential impact on people's lives and more precisely on educators, who have adopted a new modality to obtain financial freedom in this way, not depending on other people, carry out different jobs from where and how we see fit, following an ideal, principles and objectives to provide their knowledge.

Finding the ideal job on many occasions is more complicated than we think, we try to find our way, think about the capacities and abilities we have, so that our wisdom can be of use to other people. We are always in search of being able to do what we like, what we are passionate about. The Internet gives us the opportunities we are looking for, not only to meet our objectives or goals but to make a living in another way, in this case, as digital educators.

In this article we will be able to talk about how we can earn a living fulfilling our role as educators and what other types of jobs as educators we can do on the web and how we can obtain our financial freedom through them.

As teachers we have many chances of being able to do any type of work, as long as we follow our educational parameters and take into account the teaching methods already established but improving their modality. Within society, education is the base, the engine of every social subject, because it needs to be taught to improve its skills and incorporate new knowledge.

Running our own educational business, that is, creating digital courses, is something we can achieve at any time, always keeping in mind what we are going to teach, why we will do it, how and for whom. As good teachers, we have already decided in advance what subject to contribute with, what content to incorporate, we simply need to know where we want to aim as digital educators, not only creating courses but something that makes us much more professional to earn a living as teachers.

In order to carry out a job on social media, we need to know that this, like any business, requires a lot of effort, dedication, patience and time. You should know that the results may arrive earlier than expected or take a little longer, but that will depend on the techniques we use in our promotions. We are dedicated to being teachers, it is something we know how to do, we have been trained for it, but it is important to know that an educator professionalizes throughout life, because the concepts are updated as well as the contents and we need to be prepared to also face the social, educational and above all technological changes. Whatever work we do as teachers, we have to be attentive to our surroundings, to the competition, know how the digital educational market works and be able to satisfy the demands and needs of people, always creating quality products that they want to choose and buy at the same time. As in all work, we need to advertise what we want to offer and using communication strategies for sale we will be able to reach our audience, promoting our products through each social medium.

Is it possible to earn a living being a teacher? Of course we do, because we can choose other educational fields in order to achieve our financial freedom and depend only on ourselves.
We can do online courses, something that most people are not used to seeing in the web but it is a profitable business. There are many platforms that allow us to create online courses on the subject in which we best develop. You can teach through social networks, uploading content, videos, bibliographies, etc. As well as using YouTube to give your classes, some tips as an educator and how to use digital tools.

You can have a blog, a site where you can upload everything you want, articles written and videos created by yourself. If you have other skills or talents, you can sell them online and earn money, as long as it meets people's tastes or preferences. Something that has been given a lot during this time is to exercise our role as online language translators. These and many more options you can find to teach and earn a living being a professional digital educator.

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