We study for months or even years to be the best in a certain area and be professionals. We are formed with the aim of giving our best in what we like and are passionate about doing, we look for the ideal or dream job to expand, to transmit all our knowledge to other people.

But we need all our wisdom to have its positive results, to start a business, to publicize what we have learned or show what we are capable of doing, we need to perform all that and monetize it in the best way but it is not an easy task.

The idea of this article is to describe how a coach or consultant seeks a way to monetize their knowledge but at the same time know each of these professions and their difference in the business world.

Both the coach and the consultant are within the world of marketing but their methodology, their way of working is completely different, depending on the field they're in. A coach helps people discover what they haveto do, providing their knowledge to achieve it, this means that it is based on knowledge. The consultant contributes knowledge, teaching some other new skills, qualities, that is, he focuses on the being.

Their ways of acting in certain situations are very different. On the one hand, the consultant tries to guide, prevent, advise and inform based on their knowledge. But on the other hand, the coach has much more presence in relation to the other person, since he tries to listen to what they think, accompanying them in every decision they want to make.

Now we ask ourselves in what way both, the coach and the consultant, can get to monetize their knowledge? Today there are many ways to earn money with our knowledge and skills. Being able to do what we like or what we have prepared for, is something that not many have the possibility of doing, however we need to put everything of ourselves to achieve our goals, objectives and feel accomplished not only personally but also professionally.

On the one hand we can offer our services as consultants. What does that mean? simple. Being able to help other people carry out an activity or action. We can get them to consult us on topics they are completely unfamiliar with, offer our services and earn money. It is a good way to start as a consultant. There are many topics to choose from, such as a finance, business, marketing, etc.

The role consultants fulfill has changed a lot during the las few years and today it is one of the most demanding and requested professions. Identifying the problems and seeking solutions is for what they are hired, to improve the situation of the other person by achieving their objectives. The most important thing in a consultant is that he knows how to establish communication and in this way transmit all his knowledge, dedicating his time to resolve situations.

On the other hand, we talk about the coach and we wonder how he monetizes his knowledge. Doing so means doing a complete, efficient and lasting job and in which we must invest according to what we do. We can dedicate ourselves to sport or business coaching, even personal coaching, that depends on what we want to do and what we are prepared for.

Whatever our profession, it is about finding a way to monetize all our knowledge and pass it on or transmit it to other people, trying to satisfy their needs and meet our expectations.

Positioning ourselves as professionals will make our task even easier, fulfilling our purposes and using our wisdom to achieve positive results that add to our professional experience.

It is about finding our way and encouraging ourselves to do everything that we like and that we know how to do in order to undertake independently and show our talent, skills and knowledge.

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