Consequently to each of the situations that we have had to live as social subjects, we have had to put many things, activities or tasks aside to look for other alternatives that allow us to continue with our routine to which we were accustomed. 2020 is the exception for many of us, because we have felt compelled to change our lifestyle, to seek new horizons and a better way of living and carrying out new endeavors on a personal as well as a professional level.

Although not everything has been bad this year, there was a new revolution in many aspects, which are believed to improve even more in the coming years and it is clear that we emphasize the transformation of the new information technologies and their relationship with one of the most attractive and necessary spaces for people, such as education.

We have gone from a "physical" education, where our routine was to take transportation, go to an educational institution, pay for it, buy books and / or manuals and return home. Movingto a "digital" education, one of the most important social changes, where everything seems a little simpler and not so expensive, depending on our point of view, this new modality has served a lot to face social crises during this year, it has managed to impact positively in people, offering them a new educational method through the Internet.

For a long time we got used to the technological revolution and we have been adapting to all thetools it hasshowed us. Little by little, everything was gaining ground and online education has not been the exception, on the contrary, today it is one of the most sought after activities on social networks and that speaks of the good work that teachers do on  daily basisto carry out a course, a workshop, a career, or a specialty. We can say that the Internet gives us the necessary tools and resources to carry out training, as a teacher we must include our content and as a student, take advantage of that potential.

As time passes, everything is changing, adapting to our needs but above all exceeding our expectations. Today we are already thinking and looking towards the future of a new online education and that is what we want to talk about in this article.

We already know in advance all that online coursesoffer us, the many advantages that make our growth possible, such as its accessibility, its educational rhythm, its modality, the materials it makes available, etc. The Internet offers us everything we are looking for, it is attentive to each of our needs, tastes and preferences, it knows perfectly what we want, what we need and we know that the network solves each of our problems. We have repeated it several times, the Internet and online education work together to give us the opportunity to grow professionally, they are here to stay and improve as time goes by.

If we have to think about future education, we can find new ideas, new changes that are coming, that havethe objective of generating a greater impact on the knowledge society and increasing the level of learning.

We have surely observed it, but in this new social stage, everything has been transformed digitally and why is that happening? For a need, for convenience, for accessibility and perhaps because it is much easier to have a computer available and from there to search for content, information and a career that we are passionate about, generating new concepts, goals and looking for a job that can suit our motivations and needs.

We are already thinking about the future, about continuing to incorporate learning methods to the web because more and more educators choose this modality since it is much more dynamic and entertaining, where the activities that are dictated manage to attract the attention of students by usingaudiovisual resources and materials. Educational platforms are being renewed and planning a future, offering benefits to all users.

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