Life is an endurance race. With ascents, descents, plateaus, obstacles.

Sometimes we have the wind in our back, sometimes it comes from the front. It is so. We must keep moving forward: to achieve something great, beautiful, sustainable. To leave a trail on this Earth, a positive trail. You may not care, even if you deserve to have and maintain a good quality of life.

At the time of death, many regret not having given enough. Not having given enough of yourself, not having given enough time to others, not having had enough time to love and enjoy.

To have a long, successful and full life, keep in mind some guidelines:

1. Balance your action and rest times

We are not going to tell you to sleep 8 hours a night, to work a certain number of hours a day, to do this, to do that. Healers know best what is good for you.

You are unique: Your physiognomy, your physiology, your physique and your psychic are unique. Even if you share 99.99% of genes with another person, their two worlds will be different, only you can tell the dose of work you can produce and the recovery time you need.

Listen to your body: are you tired in the morning? If you are more tired at sunrise than at bedtime, you are in a situation that you should study seriously.

It is not normal to be tired all the time. This is a sign of deficiency: food deficiency, recovery deficiency, sun deficiency, oxygen deficiency, lack of motivation.

To live long, you will have to learn to relax discover how to regenerate yourself quickly, reserve time to rebuild your body and Calm your mind.

For this, we recommend that you get to your appointments early and take these 3-5 minutes early to sit quietly and take time to calm down.

If you are already of a calm nature, enjoy simply breathing, consciously, and doubling its expiration time.Quick little technique: inhale for 4 seconds while fully inflating your lungs and gently exhale for 8 seconds. If you are good at diving, gradually increase this time. The slower you exhale, without forcing, of course, the more your heart rate will decrease!

Calm your heart, your breathing, breathe deeply, to reach your destination with true benevolent serenity. You will see and notice that people will receive you even more calmly, because each of us returns part of the energy of the other.
The calmer you are, the less internal and emotional stress you will experience, the less you will experience the effects of aging.

2. Find your discipline and keep it there

Being an expert in all trades, it is known that it is not easy to structure a routine, to maintain it throughout life.

However, if we wish to maintain ourselves in the long term, we must establish a disciplined attitude towards ourselves; otherwise we will go straight to failure.

This involves having to repeat certain actions, often, very often, even every day.

Here's a little list of things you're not necessarily doing right now that will help you stick to the long term:

  • Wake up before dawn
  • Stretch for ten minutes at dawn
  • Running, cycling or cardiovascular activity
  • Clean and tidy up your living space before bed
  • Practice a martial art, a sport and / or yoga or Qi Cong
  • Write your progress, goals, dreams and planning on paper.

3. Maintain good relationships

How many friends or acquaintances have you lost sight of?
You may have them on Facebook, but are you really there for them?

Probably, in the torrent of Life and Time, you have drifted away, even without wanting. It is only up to YOU ​​to reconnect, nurture relationships with loved ones. It is not just a professional or friendly question, it is a vital question. Reserve a day in the week or month to request news.

Select from your personal notebook a dozen or twenty people you don't have the opportunity to see, and be careful to chat with them, whether it's by email, text message, or phone call.

Above all, don't expect anything in return. You may be easily disappointed at the news, despite your repeated messages. This is normal, few people can express their bond, waiting (often too long) for the right opportunity to speak with you.

4. Live with a good dose of frugality

Frugality is the ability to be content with what little you have or what you don't have. It is knowing how to appreciate the minimum subsistence, without excesses. It is the opposite of opulence.

The more you have, the more difficult it is to be frugal, because you can get what you want more and more.

Therefore, you must feed your body, provide it with the caloric energy it needs, without obstructing it. To stay well in the long term, you will have to accept some restrictions, for your own good.

No one prevents you from being a good vivacious, on the contrary, but if you really want to live long-term, you should appreciate in moderation the correct dose, to stay in these pleasant sensations, so as not to cloud your mind.

5. Keep learning

Learning, be it physical, artistic, intellectual, is the best way to last.

The more you learn, the more you give your brain the ability to reshape nerve connections, work on your neural plasticity, your ability to adapt, your mental strength, and your nerve energy.

Learning is creating new neural circuits, it is strengthening intelligence and memory.

Be eager to learn like a young child. Marvel, find this flame, this passion to learn more, about new topics.

And remember, one of the best ways to learn is to teach.