The 5 keys to Self-discipline that will help you take charge of your own destiny

Self-discipline is a way of relating to oneself , it is imposing the ways of being and doing that we want, beyond the habits that we have acquired, whether due to our culture, upbringing or whatever.

Many times we must come to self-discipline in order to break with a habit or behavior that makes us feel bad, that is harmful to our health or our lives, or simply to change something because we feel like it or it will be more pleasant or productive...

Also, it can serve to bring us closer to our ideals . Even being self-disciplined is important in the workplace , especially if you want to work independently, be your own boss, or create content on the internet! And follow this new trend.

So ... What do you have to do to become self-disciplined ? Today I will talk to you about the 5 keys to self-discipline , if you put them into practice, you will be taking charge of your own life.

1. Set your goals  

Self-discipline can serve us for many situations or things that we want to change, or incorporate into our routine . Every process is more bearable if we are clear about where we want to go, towards what we must direct our efforts. Set goals, concrete goals about what you want to change or achieve.

It will always be better to have your goals written, you can write them down on your cell phone using specific apps for that like LifeGoals or a simple notepad, you can also do it on your computer, but let me tell you, and this is a personal opinion, that the charm of  writing it down in a piece of paper using a real pen, is the best for me. In fact, the mental processes that happen when we write help us incorporate ideas more easily.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight, you can write down your ideal weight. If you want to quit smoking, write it down, even if it seems obvious ... If you want to play sports, break it down into small sports goals ... and so on! This will help you to be clear and to unite efforts in pursuit of your specific wishes.

So ... do not hesitate, get to work! And start writing down your goals now, this is the first step to master your destiny.

2. Eliminate distractions  

Self-discipline depends largely on behavior, concentration and willing ... but we can also help ourselves with very simple things: eliminating from our reach everything that could deviate us from our goals or make us fall into temptation!

For example, if your goal is to stop drinking alcohol ... it will be easier if you don't have alcoholic beverages at your fingertips . The same thing applies if you are into loosing weight or eating healthier: do not buy foods with saturated fat or high in carbohydrates.

3. Create a reward system

In addition to eliminating distractions, it is a good idea to put at our fingertips everything that serves to fulfill our objectives . This does not mean running like a crazy person to buy lots of things... because if we are not constant, they will end up collecting dust in a corner ... But, let hand us all what we need and the stuff that will be useful for us ... even if this requires that we make a small investment.

Going back to the examples, if your idea is to be self-disciplined to achieve a healthy diet, it would be an excellent idea to invest in unprocessed food and to have some nice jars with foods in sight, such as quinoa, lentils, nuts, etc. in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables in sight. If, on the other hand, you want to be more athletic, perhaps you can invest in some sport elements such as weights, bands and a mat and leave them in plain sight: they will remind you to use them.

In addition to facilitating your task, having the necessary elements close to your reach will motivate you. A small purchase can give you the satisfaction and motivation to be in the mood of carrying out the activities that bring you closer to your goal.

Creating a reward system does not only mean putting everything you need on hand, but also establishing certain rules and prizes . That is, if you finish an exercise session, you can reward yourself with something you like like a good meal or watching a movie. If you kept your healthy eating all week, the domigo can give you a permitted.

But here, we must pay attention: the ideal is that our "prize" is not directly contrary to our objective ... we will risk being tempted and throwing everything away! It is better if we reward ourselves with something that we like, but that is not related to the objectives that we have set ourselves ... and that it is not a totally opposite behavior. Well, if you want to stop drinking ... your reward for an alcohol-free week cannot be a drink!

Be creative and think about rewarding yourself for small achievements with little rewards that will give you pleasure, without deviating from your goals and continue to be disciplined ... you will be in control of your life!

4. Long term thinking

So far everything seems very favorable and enjoyable ... but nothing is magical. We can concentrate, set goals, eliminate distractions and temptations, make some small purchases, get at hand all we need to achieve what we wish, but ... when will we achieve it? Well ... everything takes time.

It is important to note that short-term results are difficult to obtain. All complex processes require time to be implemented and adopted before delivering results.

If you don't plan long-term, you may be discouraged by not seeing results in a short time. Anxiety can play tricks on us.

As human beings, we tend to want everything NOW . Furthermore, the accelerated way of life in today's societies leads us to think at 1000 km / h. But we must understand that if we want lasting results and achieve healthy habits for life and that allow us greater well-being, this will take some time . You must not be discouraged, or leave early!

5. Be kind to yourself

There are many chances of making some mistakes or failing during the process of becoming self-disciplined,  ... but a stumble is not a fall!

Losing a battle doesn't mean losing the war and you can always get back on track , even if you've strayed a bit.

Remember that there are some emotions, such as anger, hunger, or tiredness, that can make you act on impulse and fall into temptation.

It may even be that you are someone very disciplined, but have your Achilles' heel regarding this or that ... It doesn't matter, we are humans and we have the right to be wrong sometimes. The important thing is that you do not let a small failure discourage you... Forgive yourself, understand yourself, be kind to yourself and move on!

I hope these tips help you be more disciplined and you can be successful in making the changes you want ... If you put them into practice, I know that in time you will take charge of your destiny!

Until next time!

Melina Corrado Michigan