As entrepreneurs and also as educators, we seek to constantly renew ourselves year after year to rise to the occasion and continue learning what we are most passionate about. As the new information and communication technologies evolve, we adapt and learn more and more about their functions and practice.

During 2020, new ways of communicating and interacting with other people have appeared, which have also managed to adapt to the changes that have occurred at a technological and global level, where society has taken greater possession of digital tools, incorporating them into their daily work and establishing new digital social relationships.

2020 has become a year for innovation, entrepreneurship, and online learning, a cycle in which new technological trends appear and where education takes center stage to facilitate teaching methods and apply new techniques, better processes, In order to reach more people through different educational social media, learning platforms and a wide variety of topics to choose from, what we like the most or what we want to specialize in.

In this article we will describe some of the online course ideas that may emerge during the year 2021. Let us remember that both digital and educational can vary and transform as time goes by. We must be attentive to its changes to adapt and create an adequate online coursein the future.


We can see that most of the courses that exist on digital platforms are intended for young people or adults, who have the possibility of studying a specialty or a career such as marketing, advertising, fashion, design, business, and endless topics.

However, children also need to keep learning. Although during 2020 school has become completely digital and teachers of educational institutions have had to give their classes through zoom or other applications, they have not been able to provide educational support to children, due to the lack of experience that they have with digital platfoorms.

Therefore, an idea that can serve as an online coursemay be related to educational support in certain areas so that those who are in the stage of primary or secondary education can go to learning platforms and reinforce the curricular content.


Although it is something that has been launched during 2020, personal sports activities can take a greater momentum later due to the time that people have. In many cases, people do not want to go to a physical space to do sports and they feel much more comfortable doing it from their homes.

Other techniques, routines and disciplines could be implemented so that the trainings are part of the online course.


This online course has to do with putting together a platform that has different educational activities that can be dynamic, recreational and that can teach necessary concepts within education but carrying out new techniques that help the intellectual growth of children and young people .

It is about offering a more relaxed but complete and effective education that can include games or challenges that make learning fun and teaching easy.


When we talk about technology, we always include young people or adults. But seniors, wouldn't they be interested in learning more about something they like?

There is a possibility that many of our grandparents want to continue learning and in this sense do so through educational social media. You only need to think and analyze what would attract your attention to learn within the digital world.


This type of courseis very important within the educational field. Not all teachers are born having experience or knowledge in technology-related topics. Everyone has had to go through the online learning process on how to create courses to transmit their knowledge. It is not an easy task, it's becauses of that and the continuous technological advance that teachers need to reinforce each of the technological competencies to continue advancing and use each of the tools that the internet offers with great ease. That is why it is important that there are courses or educational platforms that can help improve educators by offering technological training.

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