When we want to continue studying and learning for our daily tasks and even for our job, we turn to online courses to do so. It is the best and most accessible way we have today, due to the changes that society faces. That is why the web has tried to incorporate more courses and training, to change the teaching and learning modality, giving the opportunity, on the one hand, to many educators to be able to transmit their knowledge and create classes and, on the other hand, to students so they can study from anywhere, without time limit.

Online courses has benefited many sectors of society, giving them all the tools and resources to make them possible. But to create a course and for it to really be successful, many factors are required, from being able to set clear objectives, having an action plan, an educational structure, to finding a suitable platform. On many occasions, something can go wrong and it can happen that our students decide to leave the training, and there can be many reasons for that.

In this article we will try to describe some of the reasons why people make the decision not to continue in a certain course and take another path.

Many times we do not have the necessary experience to carry out a course and we decide to launch ourselves to try this new modality, however things can go wrong and your students may decide to abandon it before time and that is something negative for your image as a teacher, because without a doubt they would certainly not recommend you and you would lose a lot of potencial clients.

What motivates students to quit a digital course? There can be many reasons, such as showing content that is not interesting, much less motivating or dynamic for them, that the classes are boring, that you do not provide them with extra material, such as complementary texts, audios or videos or they end up not having the possibility of downloading them and only get to view it once.

One of the most important things in a class is the relationship that is established between the teacher and the student and if that does not exist, everything else is lost. People need this bond of trust to express their ideas, doubts or queries about the training. The teacher needs to be attentive to these kinds of feelings and attitudes.

Like all course, we must have an educational structure and be able to provide activities so that students understand the concepts, ideas, allowing them to develop their capacities and abilities, what they are definitely looking for for their personal and professional growth.

Many students abandon the sessions because teachers do not comply with the established schedules or are slow to connect, and this is usually a cause of fatigue, since they organize their time according to the sessions. All this is due to technical failures, connection, problems with the audio or with the image and that are also repeated in the training sections and the objective of learning is not achieved, and the solutions to this never appear.

People can have many reasons for leaving a course, maybe they regret what they are doing, have not been able to accommodate or didn't feel confident, etc.

But as teachers, what can we do to face this problem? First of all, create a topic that can meet the expectations and needs of those who choose us, create a process of communication and interaction, answering their questions in a timely manner. We need to ensure that they know how to take advantage of the time they invest and draw their attention with recreational, communicative and dynamic activities, which allow a dialogue to transmit knowledge and ideas. We must incorporate audiovisual materials, with quality or know how to handle the errors that appear, trying to provide solutions or test the sound and image before going online. Give the possibility of acquiring these materials so that they can review them as many times as necessary until they can understand the educational concepts and functions.

It is essential that we use technology to our advantage, to be able to offer students better tools and resources so that they can finish the course interested and motivated, meeting their objectives.

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