When we leave primary school, then secondary school, we have to think about which path to choose now, study a career, a specialty, prepare for the future, for the work stage. Once we graduate we think that's it, that our learning should stay at that level and that's it. However, not all of us have those thoughts and despite everything, we want to continue training in the area we have chosen, we want to be better in our jobs, that is why we decide to take online courses, online training, to update our knowledge and continue learning through new pedagogical modalities.

But we believe that age limits us to doing these types of activities or that we can study  until a certain age but it's completely different, because in life we ​​never stop acquiring knowledge as it helps us to continue growing. As long as we have the opportunity and our abilities and capacities allow it, we can continue learning, studying other careers, reinforcing knowledge, etc. Nowadays, thanks to the innovation of information and communication technologies, we have at our disposal the means to be able to train, since the Internet has a great variety of digital courses with highly interesting and motivating themes for all ages.

The digital teacher always tends to choose a young audience, making it easier for him to teach, but very few people are dedicated to creating courses for retirees, for the elderly and it is a subject that has not had much impact lately , but it is clear that they are part of a society that needs to continue learning.

In this article we will talk about online courses that exist for older people and if we are in the line of creating courses, we will be able to know what techniques we can use to adapt them to this context and to this audience.

The most important thing is that those who have already retired and have met their professional/work goals, can continue in constant activity, so that they don't lose everything they have learned throughout life and incorporate new concepts, content, information, meanings that are handled in the new social-digital era. There are always things pending, activities that were on hold or professions that have not been studied because of time or money. Let me tell you that this is the time to do it, because the Internet provides us with all the tools and resources to make it happen.

From free pages to paid platforms, we can find everything on the web, some that meet our needs and expectations, others that do not attract our attention as much. The important thing is to find the right one for usa and our needs.

Many times we believe that older adults cannot handle technological tools at all. The truth is that in many cases this costs a little more, but does not mean that they do not have the ability and capacity to know how they work. If there's something characteristic about them, it's that they are always motivated, ready to undertake any activity, to take up the challenge and meet their objectives.

The role of the educator, of the one who creates a course for the elderly, is very important in the formative stage, because we must implement new techniques, better learning methods and manage not only patience and respect in them but also their time. Could it take them a little more to learn? If you compare them with younger people, the answer is yes, but the most extraordinary thing in adults is their responsibility, their safety and the attention they pay to the contents.

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