Surely we have heard this question many times and we try to find a way to answer ourselves by searching on websites, on social networks and that is when people appear saying that they have methods or formulas that we can apply to become rich overnight, they send us messages, emails so that we can sign up for their courses and from there know everything there is to know to getting rich but do we really know that all this is false? What are techniques that they are promising us when the truth is that there are none? The only way to get rich is by working hard, with a lot of effort, there is nothing simpler and easier than that, there is no other magical way to earn money.

We can give advice, recommendations and some ideas on how to be rich but we do not have the secret formula because all that will depend on oneself, what we do, the business we want to start, the will and the effort we put into work, the time we dedicate to it, the skills and abilities we have to do a certain activity, etc.

Today people have a great deal to achieve their goals and independence in a simple way, which does require sacrifices but is a possibility that we should not miss. That way is simply by creating a business within the web. We have talked about it many times but working online is one of the things that has changed a lot with technological, social and cultural transformations. The Internet has become a very accessible tool for all sectors of society.

People are used to using the web all the time, whether it is to communicate with someone, interact, play online, take or create training courses, look for information, read newspapers and magazines, listen to music, watch a movie or series and many other things, because on the internet we can do everything. Today people are constantly connected, from a computer or from their mobile phone. But one of the best things social subjects know how to sell products or services online, this is the only way to get rich quickly. It is a job, that in many cases and depending on the area, we have to invest a capital to start but if we have that money, we do not have to be afraid to take risks because the profits can be much higher.

The term "quickly" does not mean that in one day I will become rich. Internet times are not accurate, much less the times of a business. Just as we can sell many products in an instant, we can also not do it, everything will depend on the way we move in the digital market, what strategies we can create to gain the trust of customers and achieve sales. Behind the money, the successes, the business, there is hard work that we must do, with responsibility but above all with creativity, with intelligence, focusing on what we want to achieve, living with risks but solving any adversity.

If we really don't know everything that online business means and entails, we cannot become businessmen, much less get rich. The key will always be in the ability, the knowledge that I have to create a business idea, make it come true and maintain it over time.

Let's get rid of that idea that the internet will do the job for us and we'll get rich in a few days. It doesn't work that way because imagine if it did, we would all get rich and have no problems at all and we wouldn't worry about our economy.

The question is, can we live off the internet? I think so, as long as we do things correctly and know what we are doing, can we get rich quickly? If quickly means within a certain period of time such as a month, two months, not much time as you may notice, because setting up a business, accommodating it on the web is not easy and we must know how to act against this.

But to become rich, we must be clear about our objectives, be decisive in every situation that we may go through, have patience to do business, to make sales, focus on goals, be realistic and work.

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