When we create a company we take into account many things, many aspects that are important inside and outside of a certain business, from the ideas we have to setting up a business, the content, the products or services that we are going to offer, to which audience they will be intended. What type of advertising will we choose to promote those products, the sales plan that will be carried out, the platform that we will choose, the means by which we will advertise, the delivery and payment methods that we'll use until our company goes through a crisis at some point.

Do you think it is easy to create a business on the web? As you will see, it is not, there are details that you should not lose sight of, we must know in depth everything that the online market implies, we miss absolutely nothing and for all this that we have just named, we have to be prepared. But this time, in this article we are going to focus on business crises and some ways we can deal with them.

We know and we are aware that problems, risks and above all crises always appear in a company, be it small or large, and we have to be very careful with all that because if we do not know how to solve or cope with them, it is very difficult for our company can resist and remain in time and especially in the online market.

But in the face of all these situations, we should not be scared and afraid but rather we have to take action on the matter and act immediately, being sure and confident that we can solve any adversity.

As Albert Einstein said, “it is in crises that inventiveness, discoveries and great strategies are born. Whoever overcomes the crisis, surpasses himself without being overcome. That is why we need to be vigilant, not to chase ourselves for anything but to stomp and be sure of every step we take, assuming responsibilities, new challenges but always thinking that we have to overcome crises, if they ever appear. We don't have to let all of that affect us, much less our company.

Crisis, risks, problems are everywhere, they take us by surprise and if we don't have a plan b, they will beat us and that doesn't have to happen. In some way or another, crises affect the operation of our company, unfortunately it is not something we can avoid but the idea is to always reinvent ourselves, innovate, continue growing, continue producing, selling until we are stable again. In business it works like this, one day we can go well, we can have great sales and more and more clients but without warning, one day we can go badly, sales can fall, clients can leave but as businessmen we have to look the way to go back to zero, find better ideas, better strategies, better resources, see and also analyze what we have failed, what is wrong and thus seek the solution and always having a positive attitude towards problems, against adversities. It is the best way to act.

I recommend that you take all this into account to face crises in your company. First you have to know how to recognize a crisis and begin to act. As a first step, organize a meeting with your work group, with the people from each area. Here you can inform them about the situation and a debate can be generated to find an immediate solution. You have to know that all this cannot be handled alone but that you need the support of those who work in the same company. It is here where ideas for improvement also arise, analyzing every detail and thinking of a concrete action plan.

Your clients also have to know what you are going through, you cannot put them aside because in some way or another this can also affect them. The important thing is that you can continue to maintain this relationship of trust and communication with them, so that they can also understand you and help you overcome this from another perspective.

Together with your team, begin to make your action plan feasible, analyze what risks have been suffered, whether commercial, legal, with a member of the team, financial, etc. You must find the point of the problem, the beginning. From there act, using new techniques and market strategies.

Do not think that from one day to the next everything will be solved, you must be patient and wait because the crisis has its times. It will be useless if you get nervous, anxious and despair, with that attitude you will come to nothing and you could lose everything. For every crisis, or problem, there is a solution and we must act in the best way to face and overcome it, leaving everything behind and starting over as many times as necessary.

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