One of the best means of sale today is, without a doubt, the internet. A super powerful and demanding tool that has managed to change the way of working in an instant. Although the online business has always existed, now with all the social, economic, cultural and technological transformation it has managed to impact more safely on people who decide to create their own website, their virtual store immediately, seeking in this way to be able to earn some money with the web.

Do not expect to make a lot of money in a short time because that is not going to happen. Online work is the same as office work, perhaps it entails greater responsibilities because in the case of an online business we are the bosses and it is a role that not everyone knows how to handle well. Working on the internet is not easy but it will depend a lot on us, to make it grow, make it visible, put it into operation and generate an interest in people for each of our products.

I have always made it clear that if we do not train, if we do not learn how the online market works, we will never be able to undertake something that can be successful. Surely more than one has started a business without knowledge or experience and the results have been favorable, but unfortunately everything is changing and many more digital. We can face risks, situations that we will not know how to solve due to our lack of knowledge. I'm not saying you can't, but time will determine if your business is really going to work and stay online.

Knowledge and skills allow our business to emerge and become popular, permanent and beneficial.

As we well know we can do many tasks on the internet, we can sell whatever comes to mind, as long as we have knowledge in the area we undertake. Many talk about experiences and that is really fundamental. As beginners I am not saying that we can go wrong, clearly we have to try and we lose absolutely nothing in doing it. I always say that not only wisdom, skill and experience is enough, if I don't have that initiative, that desire to be able to start a business, then we don't have to waste time, because that is not how it really works. Ultimately you know that it is a decision that you must think well and take risks responsibly.

We have the opportunity to sell products and services through the web. In this opportunity, we will address the issue of selling items, how to spread them and achieve effective sales with it. I want to show you some steps to follow and take into account.

1- Previously carry out an online market analysis. This means that you observe your competition, that you analyze their sales and what makes them so important.

2- Find out about the best platforms so that you can reach people in an easier way. Today there are many platforms that you can easily access.

3- Whenever we create an article, we must differentiate ourselves from the competition. Do not copy absolutely anything because doing that does not guarantee you will have the success that another company has.

4- To attract customers you must create a relationship of trust and security with them so that they know that they have chosen the right brand and that you are not going to disappoint them. It is important that they feel comfortable with your brand and what you offer them.

5- You must create interesting, useful, necessary, attractive content that seeks to capture the attention of people who are on the web.

6- Show your customers a positive image of yourself, transparent, safe and that you are there to satisfy their needs and exceed their purchase expectations.

7- Always incorporate images, photographs, videos that are dynamic, entertaining and aesthetically perfect

8- Constantly launch offers, promotions, discounts.

9- You must create effective marketing strategies to achieve a larger audience and better sales.

10- Update your content always!

11- Once you are permanently incorporated into the digital market, create new ideas, reinvent your business and try to stay within it.

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