One of the activities that has emerged in recent times thanks to the advancement of technology is online physical activity, personal training that is carried out through digital social media. Although it has existed for a long time, today it has managed to gain greater relevance and popularity thanks to the different platforms and applications that exist on the computer network. It can be said that today many people prefer to train and do some physical activity at home before going to a gym, because they feel more comfortable and adapt to their daily schedules.

The fitness business as most have named it, has made the leap to become an extremely profitable business for professional trainers. Once again, the Internet offers the opportunity not only for people to train from anywhere and whenever they want, but also for teachers to have the possibility to create a business that adapts to their times, to their needs and to achieve an extra profit.

As we already said, on the web we can do everything, without worrying about anything, it is simply enough to have a technological device and a good Internet connection and that's it. There are many sites where we can find routines, exercises and everything related to physical training.

In this article we will be able to talk about one of the applications with the largest number of users on the network, the greatest popularity and where it is possible to find any activity, we will talk about the TIK TOK social network and how we can sell our training in it.

Let's start from the beginning. Let us know how this technological tool arises, what it is, what it is for and what can be done in each account. Tik Tok is a social media that has its origin in China and consists of creating short videos and then being able to share them. The time of the videos is 3 to 15 seconds or 30 to 60 seconds. This application was launched on the digital market in September 2016. It was only in 2018 that it gained momentum and began to gain popularity. Currently this social network has exceeded one billion users worldwide. It can be downloaded from any technological device, for IOS and Android version.

In the videos that you share or that you see it is possible to put the option I like, to be able to leave your comment or have others do it and have the possibility of saving the music that is playing in a certain clip and you can share it with other users.

If you want to record a video, be it short or long, you just have to press on the plus sign (+) that is inside the main screen and you will be able to add music or sounds and activate any of the filters available in the application, use the timer or change the pace, the speed of your video.

Now we wonder how we can sell our training in this very successful application and also make great profits by using it?  

The good thing about a physical trainer is that it already has clients previously, because you were in a gym giving classes either particularly or doing group activities, then you already have previous experience and people already know something about your workouts and the results they obtain. The issue of followers on Tik Tok is not a minor or foreign issue and we must keep it in mind because it is what will allow you to achieve success and earn the money you want. The more followers you have, the better the results.

The most innovative and dynamic thing in this application is that we can offer our videos and put music and effects on them that will attract attention. The exercises do not become so boring and in this way get the followers to have a lot of interest in being able to learn our routines. What activities can we do? Show how to do daily exercises, such as sit-ups or squats for example, perform small choreographies, so that dance can also be incorporated into routines, something that many people love.

We can make exercise videos on any digital platform, however many recommend Tik Tok because we can offer a much more motivating and entertaining audiovisual material, which will make it possible for us as trainers to sell beyond our expectations, to be able to sell our workouts immediately and in a few seconds.

How? Upload your own videos with many physical activities that are accompanied by a healthy diet. The goal is to reach the maximum number of users possible.

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