Currently the simplest way to earn money is using social networks, the internet. Digital has allowed us to learn about new activities, where we can not only interact, relate and exchange information with other subjects but also can earn money in different ways, investing a little of our time.

But just as it is so easy, we must know exactly how to do it and not fall into temptations or some kind of scam, which can happen to us, that's why we will have to investigate and analyze the internet sites and their respective contents.

The idea of ​​this article is that you get to know some ways to have that extra money you want through different methods and digital modalities, methods that will help you move safely in the world of online business. As a first option you can choose your own market niche. You create your own website to sell a certain product or service, attract people to buy and gain popularity in the online market.

This is one of the most common ways that you can invest your money either to advertise or create your service. Keep in mind that you need to dedicate yourself to the business 100% in order to obtain positive results and good profits either in a short or long term way but keeping your main goal: cover the needs people have.

It's important that you can give life to your website, your blog, so that the readers feel that interest and curiosity to want to visit it and once they do, they can be surprised by your products and become potential customers. Keep in mind that having a blog does not imply obtaining money immediately, so you must be patient and don't let your arms drop  just yet. As long as your service is really good, your blog will receive more and more visits.

If you want to be successful, choose a product that meets people's needs, position yourself and maintain a constant relationship with your customers, offering them new products and generating more traffic on the web from people looking for your personal brand.

Another option, which has recently managed to position itself and generate demand, is to start an affiliate website, recommend merchandise from other potential brands and earn a significant commission for doing that work, it certainly is not as simple as it seems, we must have knowledge on how to carry it out. Nowadays you have the possibility to join affiliate programs. It's important that you train in advance in affiliate marketing to know how it works and start using your skills and abilities to generate successful sales.

As a third option, you can create online courses. It is one of the most profitable businesses that exist in the computer network. If you have that ability to teach any subject, it is an option that you can take advantage of and in this way be able to transmit your knowledge. There are tons of topics you can teach to become a digital trainer. The Internet has many educational platforms where you can start uploading your classes and earn extra money with registration.

There are many ways to earn money working in the new digital era, for example creating your own book and selling it on an educational platform, making entertaining videos, creating your own channel on YouTube for example and becoming an influencer, selling advertising space and even selling your own website, but you must have interesting content or meet certain requirements such as domain authority, the earnings that site can offer and its income, if it's profitable or not, you can work as a virtual assistant, a task that has as its purpose give support to entrepreneurs or companies.

You have to think about how to make possible a business that really makes you earn money, taking into account your knowledge, skills and abilities, moving strategically, obtain potential customers and generate sales. Once you enter the digital market, you must dedicate yourself to maintaining the balance of the business, keeping it in shape by giving it stability.

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