There are many things that we have to take into account when creating an online business, details that we cannot miss, functions that we have to know how to handle, marketing strategies that we must implement and even have the ability to create our own automatic sales system, which is exactly what I want to teach you in this article.

We know that sales are very important for the business that we decide to start, it is a fundamental piece for our business to grow and we can meet our objectives. We know that creating a business, a brand is not easy at all, but it is not impossible either, if we set clear goals and objectives. Sales are a fundamental part of a brand, they are the engine that drives it to continue and remain within the online market.

As I said, when starting a business we must know that we are facing many things, we have to be aware that it is not just another game or activity. A business carries great responsibility, where we take on a new role as people, as entrepreneurs because we want to become businessmen, know where we are going to go, understand how the market works and generate sales within a certain period of time. As long as our business lasts over time, sales will grow but that depends a lot on our actions and our constant work.

If we do not have sales it is very likely that our business will fail but we do not have to be disappointed, because starting a business is not easy but we have to try, especially if we are beginners, we have to test ourselves, know if we are capable, if we have the ability to join the business world and make our brand meet our expectations, giving customers what they really need. It is clear that we can all create a business, we all have the ability to do so, but we must act and commit ourselves not only to our company but also to our clients, who are the basis of our brand.

Let's start to understand a little more what the sales system is all about. We can define it as that procedure that is carried out and through which our clients go through, from the moment the prospecting stage begins until they become a potential client. We create a sales system to have knowledge of the experience that the client has and the way to be able to relate as our brand, with our business.

Among other concepts, specialists have called the sales system as the software used to manage customer relationships, which can help us organize the information about the contacts we have, the opportunities, among other things.

As a company, we need to have an automatic sales system, because not everything can depend on the man. Sometimes we have to go on vacation and no one is left in charge and so we lose a lot of sales and take a lot of risks as a brand. The ideal is to have a system that can help us and serve us when we are not working.

We are going to see what automatic sales systems we can incorporate into our business immediately.

1- AUTORESPONDER: It is like a series of automatic emails that are sent to a mailing list. This series of emails can be activated after subscription, after purchase, after downloading a Lead Magnet or free resource.

2- UPSELL PAGES: Upsell pages allow you to offer unique offers to your customers. They are used to sell additional items in the process of selling your main product. Upsell pages act as an optional sales step after your customers have already decided to buy the main product offered by your funnel.

3- AUTOMATED WEBINAR: We know that a Webinar is an online conference, the only thing that changes when it is automated is the way it is transmitted. As it is automatic, we have the possibility of recording it before and after being able to program it to be published on the web at the time you decide. The public will be able to see it as if it were live, but in reality it will be broadcast. Within the sales market you have the possibility to talk to your customers, answer their questions and you can offer them your products and services at the end.

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