Creating and launching our first course is something really important to us. Many times we're afraid to publish our first training content because we do not know what the reaction of the people will be, if they are going to be interested, if they are going to like the topic we will teach, if the content is correct and many more doubts. For our part, as educators, beyond our experience, launching the first online course is something completely different, since with its dissemination we can reach many people and we can make some kind of mistake.

However, we must put aside all these feelings and encourage ourselves to launch the first online course in our profession, without a doubt it is an experience that will help us grow personally and professionally beyond the results we obtain. We must believe that what we do is something really positive and if we fail, we have the opportunity to improve to start again. Success and failure are part of our development and our capabilities.

Only we will know  how  much we have worked to get to there, to make digital education possible, improving methods, techniques, methodological procedures, taking practice and theory to another level.

As digital trainers, before we can launch our first course, we must take into account several factors, which is what we will talk about this time, how to launch our info-product and know exactly when would be the right time to do it.

To launch a course, first of all we have to like doing this activity, that is, having the ability to write any content that makes sense, to turn in all our ideas, our knowledge towards other people. We must be sure from the moment we start writing. The Internet gives us the possibility to exploit the potential we have in any way we want but without cheating or performing any scam.

We need to produce the course, make sure it has an adequate structure, be sure about the topics we will be teaching and in what way, what activities you will  carry out and what resources and materials you'll be using and especially where it will be sold. We must know that for this to really work, we must invest some of our time and money, it all depends on how you handle it.

We have many social networks at our disposal that will allow us to expand our advertising to ensure that people can join us in this new initiative of online courses. Many people today seek to improve themselves, study something that really serves them not only for their personal life but also for their work environment, for the activities they undertake on a day-to-day basis in their job. The fundamental thing is to be able to offer something new, innovative, motivating, flexible, accessible, that people can take advantage of and transmit everything we know. We must show quality content.

I know what I'm going to teach and I want to teach it, that's our goal. All your knowledge is important to be able to take it to the digital educational market. As such, we must seek the strength of the students, know what they want, what they prefer, much or little theory, more practice, where we can guide them. All that must be clear at launch.

Define your audience, choose your students, make them feel the need to study on your educational platform. We know that people have to be interested in our content, we must get their attention and ensure that they can pay for the course but also meet their expectations so that they can share their experience with others making us obtain more sales.

The launch of the first online course always makes us feel nervous, anxious because we want to make this step we are taking in the digital age something positive, it is the beginning of something extraordinary, that adds to your growth and exceeds the expectations of those who choose us to learn from.

We all have an idea that we believe can work within the digital educational market, we must start by creating content. We should start offering courses because the perfect place for it exists... the Internet.

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