You surely have thought of this many times but haven't found a way to make money with your computer. It is something that comes to mind, when we are a little tight in our economy, because we cannot find a job that we like or because of the simple fact of not having a stable job and we begin to think of new ideas, to look for options everywhere and we maybe don't know where to go. We are undecided but we want to make money in some way and not get too complicated.

It happens to all of us. These are stages that we have to go through to continue growing and think about what we are made for, what capacity or ability we have, what type of business we are good at, many questions arise and we want answers but if there is something we are wrong about, it's definitely thinking that things will come on their own and that we will have to settle only for what comes. We cannot sit back and wait, we have to move, look for options, think of new ideas, find a way to earn money and be able to invest in something that is really worth it and beneficial. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that because everything will depend on us, what we are capable of doing and what we are willing to do. We will always repeat it, at all times, but the internet has given us many solutions and more when it comes to work/business and with new technologies we have many opportunities to achieve everything we dream of, and what we have always aspired to. We have to think about what business we are going to carry out.

We simply need a computer to start working. It seems simple right? It is, but all work also takes time and we must commit ourselves to what we are going to do, because it is not something that we are going to create and then discard if it goes wrong. Risks, problems, bad sales and customer complaints are always there but all that somehow has to happen so that our company can grow and we as entrepreneurs can continue to learn and also evolve to be able to act differently in the future.

How can we make money with our personal computer? There are many ways and the great advantage is that we can move from one place to another and that will not affect our work, on the contrary, we will be able to take our computer anywhere and check if our brand is working perfectly, if there are new sales, if followers were added, if something unforeseen happens, be able to analyze the day's purchases, verify the budget and the profits that are being obtained, answer clients questions, check our mailbox, etc.

Being able to earn money from our pc is very simple but we must look for our market niche, the one that best suits us and helps us develop, obtaining great profits and being successful in what we have undertaken.

Earning money on the web requires precisely a lot of work, effort and dedication, whatever the field we choose, the rules are exactly the same. We have the possibility of having great digital tools to carry out our business, resources that we need for our products, but to earn money we have to have good sale strategies and it is something in which we cannot fail. But if there is something that we have to keep in mind, it is that we cannot get rich in an instant, everything takes time, because we need our business to grow favorably, making customers want to choose us without hesitation, being better than the competition, offering better products or services.

I am going to name three types of businesses that can make you earn money just by having a computer. First of all there is AFFILIATE MARKETING, a business that has revolutionized the web where we can sell other companies' products, be able to promote and sell them earn our commission. It seems simple but we have to use good marketing strategies. Secondly, you can dedicate yourself to ONLINE COURSES. Now everyone studies on the web, we train with courses, workshops that are quite accessible for us and we can learn in the time we want. You must see if you are good at being a teacher and more than anything incorporate teaching and learning methods to the virtual. Third, you can CREATE AN ACCOUNT ON YOUTUBE, if you are good at creating videos, it can encourage you to open your channel and start uploading your content, audiovisual materials and get many people to subscribe to your channel, be your followers and achieve popularity, success and earnings with your videos.

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