Today many people have the need to provide all their knowledge to teach others. However, on many occasions we do not know how to carry out a course and become professional teachers.

We have the possibility to access and use many tools and content to meet our objectives as teachers with the aim of helping other people to learn the best way. Everything will depend on the desire we have for itand the time we dedicate to it.

In this article, we are going to define from the beginning what an instructor is,  the purpose to be fulfilled within the educational field and what you must keep in mind or what you need, to become a good professional educator.

We can say that a teacher is who informs, instructs, educates or makes known a certain subject through a series of methods and learning/teaching techniques. The educator offers his knowledge to society through courses, classes, video tutorials, etc., in order to influence the education of young people and adults.

Being an educator is creating new ways of transmitting different concepts, purposes, carrying out educational practices that help recognize the reality that surrounds us, incorporating new skills and working together with those who want to learn, obtaining benefits and positive results.

Nowadays, it is very important to carry out the tasks of a teacher. It is a time where the human being needs to be constantly trained to understand the meaning of things and develop new qualities and behaviors within the not only personal development but also in the work place.

Currently, teachers are constantly presented with challenges, linked to new technologies, which in many cases must be implemented in their educational methods due to the great influence it has on most people. But without a doubt, digitalsareone of the most necessary teachingtools in life, since it offers advantages that we can take both as teachers and/or students. The Internet has allowed the incorporation of new languages, the transmission of new knowledge through different medias. These are the challenges that we must know how to handle, incorporating new narratives into the educational methodology.

But as teachers, what goals should we set ourselves to offer a quality education avoiding obstacles along the way?

First let us be clear about what we intend to teach, in what subject we are going to specialize, putting together a plan, using each of the resources that we have available, organizing the content and information that we will offer, looking for activities that may attract our users.

From there, we know that our mission is to educateand for that we have to be prepared to address issues that appear during the development of the course, clearingall those doubts or queries that our students mayhave so that they can feel comfortable and trust us. Both communication and interaction between teacher and student are extremely essential and necessary to carry out a successful class.

It is time to ask ourselves what it takes to become a good professional trainer. We need to take into account certain skills and qualities in order to achieve this and that will depend on the way in which we communicate with our students. An educator has the ability to respect and listen to the opinions of others in order to generate a passable dialogue and a bond that is completely based on mutual respect, something that we must put into practice every time we have to give a class.

We must be aware of each of the questions that students may ask us to find new methodologies and apply them in those activities that we carry out, generating a relationship of empathy and interaction.

It is vital that each of our contents or concepts are updated in order to fulfill our role as trainers properly. On the other hand, let us try to work together with our students and value their knowledge, experience and everything they are capable of doing, as it will allow us to adapt and obtain positive results from our training.

Becoming professional teachers depends a lot on our knowledge, which will change and improve over the years in order to continue learning and teaching more people.

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