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The Best 3 Fruits For Your Health



If you get the timing right, fruits can really improve your health and help you to reach your fitness goals.

Like a lot of things in life, timing is crucial.


1-Bananas : The Recovery Fruits

This fruit is best consuming post workout. You can eat up to 2 bananas after your training.

They contain a lot of potassium and B6 vitamin, which prevent muscle cramps and lower your blood pressure.

They have a lot of fibers, which regulate the speed of the digestion.

2-Bluberries: The Anti Aging Fruits

Blueberries are very high in pterostilbenes and anthocyanins witch are powerful antioxydants. They will boost your longetivity.

They not only delay aging but also reduce illnesses by fighting heart diseases, cancers and DNA problems.


3-Grapefruit : The Fat Loss Fruits

Don’t get me wrong: grapefruits are not magic pills. Without a good diet and a proper training, it can be hard to loose fat.

But grapefruit will hell you to burn fat. It lowers the insulin levels in your body, which prevents the storing of fat.

With only 80 calories and a lot of fibers, it will reduces your appetite.

In addition to your hunger control, they contain a lot of vitamin C with  is crucial for your health.

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Should You Drink Coffee to Boost your Performance ?



Coffee brings still some controversy conerning its biological effects one the body.

This beverage is widely used as stimulant in the fitness community because of caffeine, its principal active ingredient.


1-What Occurs When you Drink a Coffee

When you drink a coffee, you will feel a boosting effect due to caffeine, that will occur about 30-60 minutes after ingestion.

It has a direct stimulant effect on your brain, and depending on how you tolerate it, this effect can last from 2-3 hours up to 10.


2-Coffee Accelerates Fat Loss

Coffee has a lot of fat burning properties.

The caffeine in it will boost your metabolism

It contains cholinominmetics that supress hunger, making you consuming less food if you want to burn fat.


3- The Other Advantages of Drinking Coffee

The beverage offers you a lot of advantages.

First Caffeine reduces perceived muscle pain: you will be able to have a better training if you are using pretty heavy weights.

Then caffeine will improve your blood circulation, which corresponds approximatly to a 30% increase in blood flow for around 1 hour and a half. As the blood transports nutriments and oxygen, your muscles will be in better conditions to perform well.

Your mental focus will also be better, as caffeine increases dopamine.

Caffeine will boost your overall performance, you will be able to train longer and better if you tolerate it well.


4-My Personal Advice Concerning Coffee

I recommend you not to be crazy about it, and drinking it up to 2 cups a day maximum.;.

Like I said before, the timing is also crucial, and it is best to take it in the morning and/or before your training, to have an extra boost.

It is better to drink it without sugar or milk to avoid rising quickly your blood sugar.

It is a powerful stimulant: be wise about it and don’t overdose it.


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Best Food to choose when you go in a restaurant



You sometimes will have to go to a restaurant, if you are with friends, or at work, or with your family, and you may not be sure what best food to choose from

Now the important question is “What can you really choose ?”

Here are my 3 best recommendation you can choose from the menu:


1-Beef , Chicken or Fish

If you order beef,chicken or fish, you will make sure that you get a solid protein source for your muscle synthesis. However, don’t order it with food high in trans fat, such as French fries.


2-Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are probably the best food for improving your global health, because they are very rich in vitamins, minerals, potassium…. and in a restaurant, you often will be able to order a salad, and this will be very good.

If you have a bigger choice, don’t hesitate to also order avocados, kales and spinach.


3-Mineral Water

I highly recommend you stick with water, instead of sodas and alcohol, and you will be able to avoid all the unwanted sugar that may have lead to fat gain.

There’s nothing better for you to drink than mineral water, period.


On a side note, don’t forget that it is always better to avoid going to a restaurant because at home, you can always buy organic food such as organic veggies, and even the best food possible in restaurants will often lack this organic aspect.

Moreover, even if it taste good, try also to avoid taking a dessert. They are often load with simple sugars and fructose which can be detrimental to your goals. I do know that it is very tempted to take a dessert, but you always have to remember that you are aiming to long term success and not short terms;If you really stick to a clean yet enjoyable diet, you will enjoy very satisfying results.

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