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ketogenic diet

The Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet



Ketogenic diet


What is a ketogenic diet ?

It is a very low carb diet, where you will eat mostly protein and fat.

Concerning your macronutrients, you should have around 60-70% of your calories from fats, 20-30% of your proteins, and you have to eat few carbs.

You have to limit your carb consumption to 50 grams a day

This will allow you to enter into a ketosis state: your body will produce ketones. Ketones are small fuel molecules which are produced in your liver from fat.

They your body will use it as a powerful source of energy. You will get a lot of benefits from it:


1- A Ketogenic Diet Helps You to Burn More Fat

Once you are in ketosis, your body will switch its fuel supply from glucose to fat.

So it becomes much easier to burn your fat stores, because your body need it as a source
of energy.

When you eat a lot of carbs, your body gets very lazy and prefer to use directly glucose instead of your fat storages.


2- A Ketogenic Diet Lowers Insulin

Another benefit concerns the insulin levels in your body.

A ketogenic diet will reduce considerably your levels of insulin, which is very beneficial because you will be able to produce more growth hormone

Because insulin and human growth hormone are playing an antagonist role against one another: when insulin is low, growth hormone is high, and vice versa.


3- A Ketogenic Diet Can Suppress your appetite and Control Your Hunger

Last, when ketones are present in your body combined with a pretty high protein intake, it will help you a lot to suppress your appetite.

On the opposite, a high-carb diet increases your hunger.

One important point is you don’t have to be hungry even if you are on a reduced-calorie diet.
Fats and proteins are more than enough ton control your appetite.

Fat intake is directly associated with cholesterol, so don’t miss what you should know about it

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