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Back Pain and Weight Gain: Is There a Connection?



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If you are overweight, even by a little bit, and maybe even considered to be obese, and you are experiencing back pain on top of it, there is actually a connection between the two. According to the National Institutes of Health, as much as two-thirds of Americans are obese, or overweight. Not only this, but they experience back pain.


Why does back pain and weight gain have a connection? The answer is because if you have belly fat, it adds strain to your back. Think about it: You are carrying around extra weight and that hurts your back. Not only your back but it adds strain to your ligaments as well.


One thing you can do about the back pain, and doctors will advise you to do this, is lose that extra weight that is straining your back and ligaments. Here is how you can do this and not only get rid of the back pain but look good and be healthy and stay looking good and healthy and pain free for the rest of your life.


Physical Therapy Exercises


If you are experiencing back pain, your doctor may ask you if you want to go see a physical therapist. It is highly recommended that you do this. The reason is because they can teach you some very good back exercises that will not only help get rid of the pain for good, but will also help you lose that belly fat you are carrying around with you all the time.


Although you can visit a physical therapist for help with special back pain exercises, if you cannot afford to do this, you can actually look online for these exercises and print them out to do them every single day. You really need to make sure to do them every day and not skip one day for any reason. It is very important to do them every day to keep the pain away and to help you lose that extra belly fat. Think about carrying a heavy baby or toddler around. Hurts your back, doesn’t it? That is what it is like carrying around the extra belly fat you may have added over the past few years.


Eat Right Every Day


Everyone needs to eat right. It is just something you need to do to be healthy and remain healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat and low carb foods and snacks are all good for you. Instead of going out to eat at a fast food restaurant, cook homemade meals and eat at home. Eating fast food is not good for anyone, ever!


You can find good recipes online if you cannot afford to talk to a nutritionist. Many people say they can’t afford to eat healthy. This isn’t true! Everyone who works and makes money can afford to eat healthy. It doesn’t matter if you buy the cheapest fruit and vegetables the store has, as long as you are eating good, and healthy food every day.


So, the bottom line is this, exercise and eat right and you will lose weight and get rid of the back pain you are experiencing.


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