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4 Advice to Improve Recovery Quickly



Recovery periods are very important but it seems that no one focus really on it.

They are so very important things to implement in your training if you really want to optimize your recovery.

So here are the things you should implement:


1-Improve Recovery By Not Staying Seated

When you walk, you will improve your blood flow in your body and you need it to put more oxygen in your muscles.

Remember the more blood coming to your muscles, the more oxygen and nutriments you put into them.

Of course if you are doing some heavy squats, you can stay sitting, but this is an exception to the rule.

2- Drink a lot of Water for a better Recovery

You have to stay hydrated during your workout, and it is absolutly crucial to drink a lot of water when your are training.

It will not only shorten your recovery time between sets but you will also feel a better pump and a better “feeling” on your muscle.

Water will also regulates your own body’s cooling system, which is important when you have a very intense workout

3-Have a Good Recovery By Stretching between Sets

When you stretch between sets, your muscles will rest and recover better

Do it for each muscle group that you are training.

The stretching will increase a lot the blood flow to the muscles you’re training. You will have less injuries and less cramping with this method.

4-Take a Cold Shower Post Workout

You may have already heard that elite athletes often take cold bath or shower. Even if it may not feel gool, there’s a good reason to do so.

It shortens recovery and speeds up a lot the recuperation from training.


Remember that these 4 methods are very effective, but you have to put them in practise.

They amplify their actions if you combine them all together, and you will benefit from a perfect recovery.


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