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3 Important Techniques to Build Muscle



how to build muscle

Do you really want to build muscle ?

If you do, here are 3 very important techniques you can use during your training.


1- Focus your mind on your muscle

If you really want to build muscle, start immediately developing a strong mind-muscle connection.

You have to visualize in your mind your muscle being trained, and really feel it working completely during each rep.

The more you focus your mind on targeting your muscle, the more you activate it and the more you develop it. Period.


2- Feel the pump to build muscle

The pump isn’t just a temporary condition for cosmetic purposes.

It goes way beyond than that.

The increased fluid in your muscle fibers will allow to stretch the cell membrane. Your body responds with a very strong anabolic signal to make your muscle grow.

How can you really feel the pump ?

Just use targeting movements, you have to keep a good constant tension on the muscle, if
you want to feel the pump.

So don’t lose time anymore: chase the pump. Feel the blood coming into your muscles,
and you will be able to grow more than ever.


3- Doing some posing between sets helps to build muscle

Posing is very important.

Even if you think it looks stupid, posing is not just for bodybuilders on stage.

Posing enables you to enhance the strength of your muscles and to develop connective tissue.

If you practise it often, it will help you to increase the connection between your mind and muscle so
you will be able not only to have more strength during your lifts, but also to contract more your muscles.


All of these techniques, with good and solid nutrition, will lead you to a better physique.

You may have noticed that all these techniques have a special link with visualization

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Avoid These 3 Mistakes if You Really Want to Build Muscle




build muscle

Even if it is often a taboo topic, a lot of people just don’t want to admit that deep inside them, they would like to have more muscles.

Having more muscle is not just an aesthetic thing: if you have a good back and good legs, you will be more apt to age peacefully, because body’s health is extremely important when you get old.

Here are 3 things to absolutely avoid if you want to have a strong and muscular body.


1 –  Not Eating Enough Protein

This is a huge mistake: proteins are the building blocks of muscle. It is like if you want to build a house, but you don’t have cement to do it, this makes absolutely no sense.

You should aim to get at least 1.5g per pounds of your body weight.

What are the best protein sources ?

You can eat meat (beef, chicken), fish and of course eggs.


2 – Skipping Meals During The Day

If you truly want to build muscle fast, one of the most important thing you can do is to eat every 3 hours.

Even if this concept has not been totally proven, the most muscular people in the world are doing that. So why changing this habit, if it is working very good for all of them ?

Just start to take the habit of eating every 3 or every 4 hours. If you don’t have time to have a meal, even a small one, you can just drink a protein shake, and it will be alright.

3 – Eating Junk Food

If you think eating junk food will give you a muscular body, you are clearly in the wrong path.

Excess carb intakes won’t help you to build muscle, but rather to pack on some fat.

Same thing with trans fats. Just stick to natural foods: green veggies, organic fruits, lean meats..
The simpler, the better.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have a cheat meal sometimes, but please don’t do it too often if you want to stay in good health and build muscle fast.


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