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3 Horrible Things That Can Happen if You Lift Too Heavy



lift too heavy

If you lift too heavy, you may endure a lot of consequences that can be detrimental to you.

When you want too build muscle, it is true that the technique of progressive overloarding to increase the size your muscle is very effective, however you have to do it in the right way…not lifting too heavily.

Here are 3 Horrible Things that May Happen if you Lift Too Heavy:

1- Injuries May Occur if You Lift Too Heavy

You can have a lot of different kind of injuries, if you decide to lift too heavy: muscle injuries, hiatal hernias, spinal injuries…

When you try to lift too heavy weights, your connective tissues will be affected in a bad way. You can have pulled muscles and tendinitis for example.

Your back can endure a lot of stress during your training. And if you try to lift too heavy, it can increase this stress a lot more wich can unfortunatly lead to spinal injuries.


2-Cardiovascular Problems

Heavy lifting can also results in damaging the aorta. When you lift heavy, you will notice a high increase in blood presure which can leads to an aortic aneurysm.

Moreover, you may have a life lasting enlargement and/or tearing of your aorta…


3-Lack of Efficiency of your Nervous System

Your nervous system can also  be impacted in a bad way. Because when you train too heavy you loose focus as your nervous system goes into a mode of hyperexcitability and overdrive.

It is a global issue because your nervous system is responsible for generating your muscular contractions

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